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Weekly Notes: October 20-24, 2014

This week has been a mixed bag:

  • Brainstorming evaluation strategies for SOP E-Learning courses
  • Created an evaluation questionnaire for SOP E-Learning courses
  • Created a support document for Team Leads/Managers to facilitate transfer of learning for SOP E-Learning courses…
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Weekly Notes

Canvas - Oil 101

Platform : Canvas

Provider/University :  University of Northwestern Ohio

Course : Oil 101

Instr. : Tom Grothous

Difficulty : Easy

Hours Needed : 1-3 hours per week… 656 more words


White Lotus System / Martial Art Impediments

As a general rule, most martial art students will not acknowledge that they’re progression is constantly being impeded by their beliefs and processes. What is an… 108 more words

General Content

Moodle plugins: YouTube submission

The YouTube assignment submission plugin is for the Moodle assignment (2.3 and above). It allows teachers to set an assignment, for which a submission can be a video. 36 more words


Moodle Groupings

If you’re planning on using multiple sets of groups in your course, groupings let you keep specific groups collectively depending on what types of actions you would like to get the pupils in those groups to do.

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Pachinko, Buckyballs and Atomic Collision

Last week I posted an uncharacteristically physics-themed post. I really should not use analogies that I don’t fully understand. But, in the spirit of learning as I work, I’m going to double down on physics analogies, and continue the chain of thought I started. 982 more words

Instructional Design

White Lotus System / The Essential Nature

Nothing you can imagine, nothing you can do, will ever change the essential nature of the combative process. Whatever delusions you might have about being able to control, or change, the… 110 more words

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