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2: History in Science Learning

I think sometimes teachers having guiding questions for reflection makes it so much easier for thinking. All we need to do, is to really pen them down, and start documenting them. 1,269 more words


On Education and Certification

I have been thinking a lot recently about learning and online education and researching subjects for my own benefit.  There are a lot of things that I would like to know, would like to be able to do and there are a lot of resources on the internet to provide the knowledge that I am looking for.   1,119 more words


The Three Levels of Typographic Hierarchy

Even those who are font-ically challenged like me (Is it for print?  Times New Roman.  For online display?  Arial. Does it need to be more interesting?   57 more words

Design And Layout

The cost-efficacy balance in new e-learning approaches

There is something inescapable about the old quality criteria triangle. You remember the one: there are three criteria, but you can only have two…

  • You can have it cheap and good but you can’t have it quickly.
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White Lotus System / Attributes of a Great Fighter

Attributes of a White Lotus Practitioner

What does it take to be classified as a White Lotus practitioner? Does attending a class, seminar, workshop, or being taught by the founder himself enough? 133 more words

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I found interesting the proposal of EAD, which is a e-learne platform created from scratch in Brazil!

The testimonials I found point to a simple and flexible tool, let’s  observe the evolution in the market.