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How to build a global learning community

A few handy tips you might have not thought about

Building learning communities might seem like a hardship; but when you know the tricks, put your focus in the right place and loosen up your imagination a little bit, it can actually be fun! 807 more words


C'Mon Get Happy!

Mark Fontaine

The Internet is packed with information about how to be happy. The volume of advice out there can be mind-boggling. Is all that information helping us to become any happier? 326 more words

Ventajas del e-learning

La formación a distancia es la opción escogida por cada vez más personas que quieren adquirir nuevos conocimientos pero no pueden desplazarse hasta un centro de estudios por la distancia o la falta de tiempo para cumplir un horario fijo. 301 more words

Ted-Ed - Online Lesson Resources

Ted-Ed is an alternative to traditional TED Talks. Instead, much of this content and other online resources can be combined to create Flipped lessons that can be shared with learners in a range of different ways. 113 more words


Top 18 Incredible Resources on Using QR Codes in e-Learning and m-Learning

Today, when we are contemplating on a design for a mobile learning solution for one of our clients to help make their product unpacking and commissioning processes effortless, we set out on a journey to explore and learn more about this wonderful tool.  84 more words


Video - Teacher Feature: Managing and Leveraging Video Chats

In this video, Eric highlights tips and examples for utilizing and managing video chats, both student-to-student and student(s)-to-teacher. Examples in this video come from from Glenda Baker ( 80 more words

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