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How Not To Do E-Discovery.

Fears and Loathing (and Pain) in Seattle: a Case Lesson in How NOT to Preserve and Produce Email – Part One, by Ralph Losey, e-Discovery Team® 136 more words


Why e-mail is still one of your most effective channels

While growth hackers are continuously looking for the sexy, new trendy way of obtaining or reactivating users, they often neglect one of the most effective methods: e-mail. 563 more words

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[EN] The Daily Email Grind: What I Need from Future Email Systems

My English version of posting on the future of email has been published yesterday on CMSwire:

Think of your email inbox on the morning you return from vacation. 2,002 more words


Three After Work (2014)

1. Shop.

2. Pickup kids.

3. Check e-mail.


In France, to take stock-

Looking at no e-mails, on the clock.


Post Online Interview: E-mail

My expectations going into this interview were to find out more about tattoos and about the way people with tattoos get treated. The interview with Carol was similar to my expectations in that she answered each question that I had asked with a thorough response. 475 more words


No more handwriting?

My friend received a birthday card from her grandson.
It was printed, not handwritten.

She said, “Will I not get a hand-written card from my grandchildren?” 165 more words


Did France Really Ban Work Emails After 6pm? Not Quite…

When we first heard about an article from the Guardian about France employers from sending their workers emails after 6pm, we nearly packed our bags and plotted a move over seas, but unfortunately the real news from the country isn’t as exciting as it first sounded. 409 more words

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