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Response ↔ offer

Just announced Vitex Negundo for preorder a few hours ago, an e-mail came in. “Hello, I wanted to order Vitex Negundo, but for a CD only shipping fees are too much…” Yep. 43 more words


How the new Google service experience inbox to manage e-mail

Tattabrkhaddma inbox of new services added by Google google revealed recently .. What is the service experience and how do I get an invitation to the experience of those experimental service? 338 more words

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Usted tiene... un nuevo Inbox

¿Eres de los que organiza su vida con el correo electrónico? Entonces la nueva funcionalidad de Gmail, ‘Inbox’ es todo lo que estabas esperando.

Si quieres saber por qué es tan interesante, no te pierdas el siguiente video:

Day After Day

Who knows how it happened but recently He of We’s e-mail box has been under a new assault of junk.  It’s not even good junk.  It’s mundane buy this, buy that, enroll in this class, give to this cause, apply for this job, have you thought about a cemetery plot lately?   448 more words


Sorry for no posting

So guys sorry for no posting, it’s been like a month!

I don’t post because of the scool, it’s just so stressful and it hasn’t start yet!! 94 more words

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How to Write a Proper E-mail

Everyone is used to quick communication. Send a text and you’ll most likely get a reply in seconds. However, the world still utilizes e-mails. Whether you’re sending one to a professor or your boss, there are appropriate ways to write an e-mail. 303 more words

Everyday Life

Opt-In E-mail : They Know They Want It!

Have you all ever get annoyed by how constantly advertising messages spammed your e-mail inbox? Well have you ever realise “why don’t we ask their permission first?, so that they are aware that the e-marketers are going to send online newsletter to them every month! 314 more words