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Lois Lerner and the Missing E-Mail Debacle

The whole Lois Lerner and the missing e-mails has played out like a drama, tragedy, or comedy depending on one’s views.  But however your view, its something that changes every time its in the news.  65 more words


Employer Must Defend Against A Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Not Monitoring Employee Computer Use: Labor and Employment Law, School Law, Lawyers, Attorneys, Franczek Radelet

This below ruling is limited to Illinois. However, if other states’ laws allow for this expansion of employer liability, employees need to make sure they use their own personal devices to transmit e-mails and texts. 98 more words

25 August 2014

This past week was full of challenges but it was a great week of lots of learning and laughs. Some of the challenges that came our way this past week is I lost my scriptures and my memory card, accidentally stepped in dog poop, my companion lost her planner, she also got really bad blisters on her feet and they are swollen really bad (we will be going to the doctors to check up on it) She has to limp everywhere and it just keeps on getting worse and worse but we endured and despite these challenges we were able to have a good week and stay focused while we were in lessons and receive miracles in our area. 266 more words


Connected to an online world

There are days when I seriously don’t want to be connected to the internet 24/7. Where all I want to do is be as disconnected from it as possible. 287 more words

LESS IS MORE | Deleting emails and unsubscribing from newsletters

Each new day I feel that I want to live with less. Less information. Less objects. Less goals. Less to do lists. Less, just less. 168 more words

Less Is More

18 August 2014

Kamusta Family,
You are right, I got a new companion and she is just the best!! Her name is Sister Viliami and she is from New Zealand. 473 more words


Dirty Politics - Dem E-mails Doe

Today, my friends, The Hacker released the first set of e-mails taken from Cameron Slater and subsequently used in Nicky Hager’s new book, ‘Dirty Politics… 286 more words