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E-mails: The 3 Minute Rule

One thing which can seriously affect our time management and productivity is e-mails. We get a flood of them each day – some spam, some with good information and some needing specific action on our part. 253 more words

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E-mails: It's not all about quantity

This is the great debate that has always been. Before talking about bigger and bigger numbers, make sure that each piece of information worths the counting! 237 more words


Technology, the smart phone era and what we're missing...

Almost 49 million people have watched the following video on Youtube, but still we’re being taken over by the age of the smart phone!

Over Christmas I showed this video to my mum and dad – my dad is/was constantly on his ipad every evening which is how this topic arose – and they both thought it was really moving and hard hitting. 427 more words

Verizon E-Mail Vulnerability Left All Users' Messages At Risk

While many people no longer use the free e-mail accounts made available by their Internet service providers, there are still millions of Americans who do. And up until last week, a reported vulnerability in Verizon’s My FiOS app that left all Verizon e-mail users’ messages at risk of being read by complete strangers. 228 more words

"Jaw With John" - Write or Die

For my whole life, my mother has instilled in me the importance of handwritten thank-you notes. Suddenly she is saying it’s OK to email thank-yous to some people. 188 more words


Keeping In Touch

For all of my adult life, I have been good at keeping in touch with people. Whether it was with school-friends, former colleagues, or friends and family, I always managed to do my best to ensure that I knew how they were, and to tell them any news about my own life, and what I was up to. 1,157 more words

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Yes Gawd: Sony Pictures Wanted Idris Elba To Play James Bond & So Do We!

One of the latest leaked e-mails in the Sony Pictures hack has confirmed whispers about a groundbreaking dream gig for Idris Elba.

There’s been buzz about Idris possibly playing James Bond for years, and the demand has been there ever since the idea first made its way around he Internet. 292 more words

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