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The Biophilia Hypothesis: A collection of invited papers supporting and refuting the hypothesis.


The major premise of biophilia is the existence of genetically based physiological (probably neural) structures that respond selectively to various plants, animals, and habitats. Like  401 more words

Book Monday

Check this out: Rewilding in America

Finally some coverage about super wealthy people doing amazing things for the environment! This article mainly highlights M.C. Davis and E.O. Wilson’s partnership to regrow natural forests in the Southeast United States. 44 more words

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A know-it-all gets another chance, JR quips with Stephen Colbert and a plan to give half the planet back to wildlife

Members of the TED community sure were busy this week. Below, some highlights:

Legendary biologist E.O. Wilson has come out with a bold idea: that we… 439 more words

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The Animals Among Us

The Earth is in trouble. Big time! According to eminent evolutionary biologist, E. O. Wilson, 85. We are facing the sixth mass extinction event, a coming “biological holocaust,” that will wipe out masses of animal and plant species. 767 more words

Half Earth

E. O. Wilson and other prominent biologists have a rallying cry for conservationists like you and me: let’s set aside half of planet Earth as protected wild landscapes and let’s do it right now… 225 more words

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Review of David Goulson's 'A Sting in the Tale' appears on BrainPickings.org

Maria Popova, who produces the wonderful and stimulating BrainPickings.org website, has written a lengthy review of Dave Goulson’s book, A Sting in the Tale. 266 more words