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"There is no better high than discovery"*...

Be careful what you use as a bookmark. Thousands of dollars, a Christmas card signed by Frank Baum, a Mickey Mantle rookie baseball card, a marriage certificate from 1879, a baby’s tooth, a diamond ring and a handwritten poem by Irish writer 

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Review of The Social Conquest of Earth by E. O. Wilson

Edward O. Wilson has been described as one of the most well-known living biologists, and has written a number of successful books over his career on topics such as ants (his specialty), island biogeography, conservation biology, human nature, and the unity of knowledge. 471 more words

Evolutionary Theory

Science Quotable: E.O. Wilson

The decades ahead will see dramatic advances in disease prevention, general health, the quality of life. All of humanity depends on the knowledge and practice of medicine and the science behind it you will master. 

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Learning From Nature #5

“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.”~E. O. Wilson(Thanks to my lovely wife Sarah for the photo!)


Storytelling: The Dangerous Art of Identity Formation

When I was four years old, I attended a church-based preschool in a small town in Minnesota. My parents carpooled with friends from the neighborhood, and because of this arrangement it was rare that my father dropped me off at school. 1,248 more words

Politics & Culture

Are 7 Billion People a Problem?

By Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report

The Earth, in case you haven’t noticed, is a big mess right now. All living things, humans included, are suffering the effects of a planet stressed to the breaking point. 714 more words


Evolution is not operational science

Previously I explained that there are really two types of science.1 One is operational or experimental science which is based on repeatable experiments (e.g. done in a lab) in the present. 468 more words

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