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E.O. Wilson on Pheromones and the Hidden World of Other...

E.O. Wilson on Pheromones and the Hidden World of Other Senses

Biologist Edward O. Wilson takes us through several natural stimuli that humans don’t understand, yet are used by various animals to navigate and communicate within communities.

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#EOWilson and the Encyclopedia for Life

We are but one species on this vast and beautiful planet of ours. What good will ‘things’ do for us, what good will paved streets and buildings, fast cars, fancy clothes, and status be when there is no nature to sustain us?


The Individualistic Ant

I learned a lot about insects this last summer because my son is fascinated by them. We watched documentaries together and paged through books. Once, in a fit of unrealistic ambition, I checked out the pulitzer-prize winning book by E. 446 more words


Looking for meaning in E. O. Wilson's latest book

As promised, I read E. O. Wilson’s The Meaning of Human Existence over the holidays. I was looking for some sense of direction about the rules of natural selection, where it might be taking us, whether we will indeed be able to design “our biology and human nature as we wish them to be,” and whether Wilson’s idea of meaning satisfies our need to know who we are and why we’re here. 1,212 more words


Book Club: A Window on Eternity

E.O. Wilson has an incredible skill possessed by few. He can make the finding of dung by a scatophage sound poetic.  This is proven through the following passage from his book A Window on Eternity: “Every milligram found is a ruby, a diamond for dung feeders.  152 more words

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Perry Mann: The liberal gene

Perry Mann: The liberal gene

Note: I read “Liberals and conservatives, whence the divide?” by Charlie McElwee with great interest (Gazette, Dec. 13). This is an article I wrote a few years ago that supports McElwee’s article. 860 more words

December Book Review: The Creation: An Appeal To Save Life on Earth by E.O. Wilson

Influenced by his southern Baptist upbringing and the beauty and mystery of nature throughout his lifetime to pursue a career in biology and the sciences, E.O. 504 more words

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