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Homolobbying and the Real Reason For Homophobia

Supporters of a single-gender and queer (does that word include zoophilia?) relationships try to scare normal people with the word homophobia. What does it really mean? 1,501 more words

Biophilia By Any Other Name

Thanks to Conservation for their regular daily feature, summarizing important research findings related to the environment, and for reminding us in the story below of the great scientist  564 more words


A Scientist Finds Meaning On His Own Narrow Ground


Say what you will about New Atheism: that it requires the leaps of faith it claims to disdain, that it uses the worst of believers to categorize all, that underneath their liberating rhetoric its adherents often harbor bigotry rivaling that of religious conservatives. 1,583 more words

Eating Ants (Or How All That's Good Tastes Like Bacon)

I used to burn them with a magnifying glass when I was a kid. Yes, not the most humane, civilized moment in my youth, and since then it’s been a tense relationship.   1,512 more words

The Biophilia Hypothesis: A collection of invited papers supporting and refuting the hypothesis.


The major premise of biophilia is the existence of genetically based physiological (probably neural) structures that respond selectively to various plants, animals, and habitats. Like  401 more words

Book Monday

Check this out: Rewilding in America

Finally some coverage about super wealthy people doing amazing things for the environment! This article mainly highlights M.C. Davis and E.O. Wilson’s partnership to regrow natural forests in the Southeast United States. 44 more words

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