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Planning for a Launch

This is something I haven’t been very good at so far. In fact, up ’til now, I’ve usually published first and then scrambled to do something later. 267 more words


Nature Washes Me - A Poem

 Nature Washes Me

 by Caryn Moya Block


The geese honk at the quacking ducks causing a ruckus down by the river.

Up on the mountain the air whispers a welcome as a woodpecker knocks and a raven caws. 39 more words

Caryn Moya Block

Back Stories

A few weeks ago I read a post that really caught my imagination. It was Matt Wright’s post on Tolkien’s published appendices. The question that came to mind is how can the volumes of back story that we create for each character, plot, location, and obstacle be used other than to help write the story? 424 more words



One of the most important ways to sell books is reviews–honest reviews, not those unethical purchased reviews. In our digital age, they’re the word-of-mouth advertising that has always been the most valuable. 163 more words


Pastel Colors - A Poem

Pastel Colors

By Caryn Moya Block


I like to see the world in pastel colors

Soft and light, they envelope me in a feeling of safety. 38 more words

Caryn Moya Block

Guest Author: Lesley Cookman

I’m delighted to welcome fellow Accent Press author, Lesley Cookman, to my blog today. Lesley is the creator of the hugely successful Libby Sarjeant mysteries and last week saw the release of the e-book of… 572 more words


Mindy Klasky, Guest Blogger: Rapid Release Publishing or One Writer's Tale of Madness

Hello all! Today it is my pleasure to introduce my good friend, fellow author, and all-around font of writing and publishing knowledge, Mindy Klasky. Please give Mindy a warm 8LW welcome, and in the comments, feel free to ask questions about romance and fantasy writing, as well as traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing options. 1,087 more words