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Taking Action: Procrastination is the thief of time!

Isn’t it amazing how fast time passes? It seems only last week we were just thinking about spending the holiday season with our loved ones, and now here we are, almost at the end of January! 385 more words


Self-Published Writers: Should We Be Afraid?

The end of this month is the end of a very long journey for my sister. After years and years and years (one more for good measure), her debut novel, “The Quest for the Holy Something or Other” is being released this Friday. 456 more words

You Never Know What You'll Find

In real life, one of my current projects is to organize that room. Just about every house has one. The room that doesn’t get used very often (maybe it’s a guest room) and so ends up being the place where you put anything you can’t find another place for–or things you just don’t want to week out, yet. 304 more words


The Final Steps - Working with an E-publisher

The Final Steps – Working with an E-publisher

My last blog post in this series focused on the topic of indexing and cover layout. I had chosen to purchase the services of a professional indexer and cover layout specialist rather than attempt those tasks myself. 518 more words


Reading--and Writing--Battles

Fantasy, especially epic fantasy or sword and sorcery, very often includes battles. And a few things this week have come together to get me thinking about what makes a written battle work–or not. 476 more words


The Stories Behind The Stories In 'Paperchase...'

Now come on, you didn’t truly expect me to never mention my recently-launched e-book of short stories ever again, did you?

As they say on… 907 more words

Short Stories

Talent for Trouble

One of my characters from the DUAL MAGICS series has a habit of getting into trouble. He showed it in a minor way in the first book, … 75 more words