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Kindle Select and Other Things

So, I’ve taken the step. THE SHAMAN’S CURSE is now exclusively on Amazon and enrolled in Kindle Select.

If you’re not a writer, what this means for you is that it’s now available for borrowing by Amazon Prime members and available free to members of Kindle Unlimited. 412 more words


Why Paranormal Romance?

Why Paranormal Romance?

By Caryn Moya Block

So many fans and family members have asked me, why paranormal romance, why not normal romance? I would have to answer, because I can’t write anything but, paranormal. 545 more words

Paranormal Romance

What makes a good bad guy?

Recently, as my thoughts turn to planning a new book, I’ve been wondering what makes a good baddie? If you see what I mean.

In my current w.i.p. 1,264 more words

General Wittering

Which is better - a Facebook page or a Facebook profile?

Writers these days need to care about more than just words on the page, they have to let the world know that their work exists if they don’t want it to disappear into the ether having been read only by their auntie Marge and their best mate Dave. 1,058 more words


A week ago today, the power went out in my neighborhood. This happens far more often than should be warranted and often without any discernible cause. 979 more words

How to Publish ebooks - The Beginner's Ultimate Guide

How to publish ebooks – the beginner's ultimate guide.

Want to publish your book but don’t know where to start? Check out Roz Morris’s helpful article about the e-publishing process for beginners. 16 more words


“I wanna reach out and grab ya,” to quote Steve Miller. After watching snippets of the new Apple Watch launch and the excitement it created, I think this should be the slogan of the electronic age. 485 more words