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E-reading software...an update

Recently I accidentally pushed an old post griping about e-readers.  After quite a bit of research, my eventual solution was to purchase a nexus7:

I got this primarily for the form factor (it fits like a trade paperback in my hand),  and the price and performance are outstanding. 529 more words

Indie Authors

The future of reading? You're going to be glad you never invested in that e-reader.

When I was in high school, I read Jared Diamond’s book Collapse from cover to cover–it was amazing. In it he compares how several societies, both past and present, have failed to remain extant due to a multifarious list of factors (including overpopulation, deforestation, and water management problems). 369 more words

Digital vs. Print: Which Does the Brain Prefer?

Washington Post article caught my attention this morning whilst skimming the world of news. The piece investigates a reader, a researcher, and studies pertaining to the act of reading. 215 more words


The Shape of Books to Come

Hello everyone. 


I will get into a regular routine with my blog posts one day I promise. I won’t reel off a list of excuses as to why I have neglected this blog as of late. 616 more words

Easter Holiday/Class

The library will be closed on April 18-19 due to the Easter holiday. The staff at the library would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter!  30 more words

Discovering the Digital Library

When I was younger, the library was a place full of magic. The endless rows of books held so many stories and tales and lives and characters that I couldn’t consume fast enough. 967 more words

Life's Adventures

K - Kindle

The Kindle was designed as a game changer. And it has filled the role of being the brand-name replacement for e-reader, like Kleenex for facial tissue, Q-Tip for cotton swab, or Hoover for vacuum (if you’re British). 372 more words