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New Study Shows E- readers Help Children Learn To Read

For the last two years, we’ve been
running a rigorous study called iREAD 2 , examining the impact of Worldreader’s e-reader program on students in Ghana. 436 more words


Goodreads Reviews 'Sex And Reading' On The Big Platform

It’s Not About Who’s Reading More

We already have an understanding — sad to say — that in general, men are not reading as much as women. 513 more words

Cosy sweaters, tea and a good book?

Yes, the weather in quite cold for the season I would say. I find myself still wearing jeans and sweaters most days and to constantly being drawn towards cosy blankets, tea and cookies. 164 more words

Everyday Life

Something digital this way come: on joys and perils of reading

Something digital this way comes.

It is a truth (almost) universally acknowledged, that book stores are some of the most calming of places. Okay, okay, maybe I am one of the selected adepts of book therapy, yet the whole debate that digital libraries will soon take over leaves me and many bookworms quite plainly irritated. 891 more words


Plot Holes Take the Bite Out of Your Story!

Tweet, Tweet — Twiddle, Twiddle, here comes another plot with a hole in the middle.

If you fail to explain how A connects to B, or state something that doesn’t make sense (without explanation), then you have left a plot hole. 129 more words


Book, screen or e-reader?

As I scrolled down the page I became conscious that I was doing exactly the thing I was researching. My ‘normal’ concentration and attention to words, born of my lifelong love for seeing them unfold on paper, was wandering off and bouncing around. 990 more words


Are you a reader or a page-turner?

This appeared on iwastesomuchtime.com (my life in a hyperlink nutshell) and it made me angry. Why, you ask? Because it’s stark monochrome in its opinion, and to quote an old teacher of mine: “When you are with people seeing in black and white, see red”. 491 more words

Lord Rant Of Rantshire Wishes To Speak