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Kindle Unlimited – The dawn of something new for digital readers??

One of the biggest stories this past week in the tech blogs was all about Amazon’s new offering, “Kindle Unlimited”.  I have been a Kindle user since the Kindle 2 was released in 2009.  1,020 more words


Do E-Readers Threaten Learning in the Humanities? - In One Word - NO

Naomi S. Baron in a post at the Chronicle of Higher Education argues that e-reading is the single greatest threat to the humanities.  Well, maybe not the biggest threat, but enough of a menace for Baron to publish a soon to be released book from Oxford University Press extolling the dangers posed by e-readers entitled  582 more words

Daily History

Reviews: The Competition

In the novel The Competition written by Marcia Clark, Rachel Knight is a prosecutor who has made the news on other famous cases. Now she with the help of a police detective, Bailey Keller is out to find the shooters of the worse school shooting ever. 110 more words

Sunday Book-Thought 10

Much is to be gained by e-books: ease, convenience, portability. But something is definitely lost: tradition, a sensual experience, the comfort of thingy-ness. A little bit of humanity. 84 more words

Recent Books

القران الكريم للشاشات 6 انش [kindle, sony & Kobo reader ..]

في بلادي في الحفل الافتتاحي لأي منشأة جديدة يبدأ بالقران الكريم لذا وجب علي ان يكون هذا المقال عن كتاب الله لان هذا هو مقالي الاول!


Thursday's Thoughts | The E-Book

When e-books were first introduced I was immediately against them, even without trying them out. I was determined that I was not only a book person but a physical person. 308 more words


Death to the E-Reader

Last Christmas, I begged and pleaded, hinted and suggested and finally received a fancy e-reader tablet.  A slim, light weight bad boy with the capacity to store a shelf full of books as well as all the wireless internet bells and whistles.  274 more words

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