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Factions in Technology that Made a Difference: e-Readers and Self-Publishing Companies

            Last Christmas, I received an e-reader and I found myself to be both excited and anxious. I say this because I was happy someone (I won’t say who) knew me well enough as a reader to get me such a gift. 750 more words


Book Scanning: My Biggest Reading Pet Peeve ATM

While I had long suspected that it is common practice among publishers to scan printed books to convert them to e-books (instead of using a master text), I never sought the actual evidence. 416 more words


On E-Readers

I’ve always preferred reading physical books over e-readers. 402 more words


Where Can I Find...in the Library?

Welcome or welcome back to the library. A new school year is underway, and the library is here to support you. We have many different resources that we want students, faculty, and staff to be aware of so you can take advantage of them! 461 more words

Monthly Displays

Libraries in the digital age

So there are a lot of exciting things happening right now in my life and yet at the same time I feel as if my thoughts are scattered in every direction. 445 more words


Riding the Mainspring out in other formats

A steam-powered cowboy with a taste for death. A daring art heist in a moving city. A zeppelin flight through the smoke-filled skies of a Europe torn apart by volcanoes. 195 more words


Bibliolinks: On fall books previews, bookless libraries, and more

It can’t be true.  I refuse to believe that fall semester is starting on Monday.  I was just finally beginning to relax and enjoy the break between sessions and it’s time to go back!  354 more words