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Do you prefer hard copy or the screen?

Here is another contribution to the debate on whether printed books are better than e-readers.

I still think there is a place for both. For me, it depends on what sort of book it is, & how I’m going to use it. 27 more words

Bits & Bobs

Machines Teaching Morals

A negative side affect of technology is the lack of respect with which we treat one another online. We are all familiar with “Internet trolls” who callously abuse other people via the anonymity and distance of online posting. 403 more words


The future of books looks a lot like the past

The future of books is more books—books on Kindles, books on iPads, books on laptops, books made of paper (still), books as podcasts, books as apps, books as blogs, books as books. 553 more words

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I'm happy to hear that the original book made of paper will still be around in the future. I haven't gone to e-readers yet. I only go digital for blogs or news.

Looking for Patterns in History

Rheingold (2012) presents an insightful text for secondary history teachers to use when demonstrating both how to write as a historian and why history is important. 389 more words


ARCs. Argh.

I think I’m giving up on ARCs.

More specifically, I’ve just had it up to here with badly formatted e-ARCs.

In theory, digital review copies should make my life as a reader, reviewer, and blogger easier, but lately, I’m finding them nothing but frustrating. 577 more words

The Reading Life

On multimedia books

I’ve been using an e-reader to view new books.  It’s very convenient…it also brings to mind the possibilities of reading when one can, say, hyperlink to a different point in the book.  803 more words


Paper or Plastic?

I must admit, I get a bit giddy whenever I read an article in defense of print books. This latest one in The Washington Post… 139 more words