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Ebola: If not WHO, Who Will Issue Travel Restrictions Now?

The following reports at Quartz (QZ.com) ask the tougher questions that journalists should about the current Ebola outbreaks in Africa, and the implications of a symptomatic on a flight to Lagos, Nigeria, a city with many, many international flights: 112 more words

Italy to Google: You have 18 months to comply with European privacy laws

Italy’s data regulator is cracking down on Google, the organization said Tuesday in a statement. The country’s Data Protection Authority says Google has 18 months to change the way it handles and stores user data. 337 more words


Dutch Minister Says E.U. Is Imposing New Sanctions on Officials Over Russia's Actions in Ukraine

(BRUSSELS) — Dutch minister says EU is imposing new sanctions on officials over Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Flight MH17: Europe Unlikely to Enforce Tougher Sanctions on Russia

On Tuesday, European Union (E.U.) foreign ministers will meet to discuss increasing sanctions against Russia following the downing of flight MH17. The U.S. has blamed the incident on separatist rebels who, it… 587 more words

No Refuge

The refugees coming by boat to italy have already set a record this year. So far, 64,000 of them have made the journey, according to the U.N.’s refugee agency, and it’s only halfway through the season of calm summer waters. 438 more words

Why Putin Has His Way with Europe

By Jay Holmes

This past February, Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin ordered his intelligence and military services to invade Crimea in the Eastern Ukraine. Western governments loudly condemned Russia’s aggression, but practical responses have been limited to minor economic sanctions and visa restrictions against major Russian supporters of Putin. 1,503 more words


John Kerry: "Iran Must Now Choose"

By John Kerry
The Washington Post

July 20, the deadline to negotiate a comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, is fast approaching.

All along, these negotiations have been about a choice for Iran’s leaders. 1,087 more words