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Don't Trash Your Old Phone: It's Worth Something

This originally appeared in Forbes.

Apple just launched iPad Air 2.  Six weeks ago, it debuted its sleek, oddly-bendable iPhone 6.  According to some estimates, Apple has already sold over 20 million units of them. 783 more words

Alex Lin & E-waste

Back in 2004 a young man named Alex Lin had read an article from the Wall Street Journal that made him realize a problem with how we’re getting rid of our electronics. 559 more words


Hardship of Recycling Plastic

In electronic waste recycling, there’s a lot of talk in extracting the metal.  Metals important, they’re worth a lot of money and are easily transformed into other things.   754 more words


Enviornment E-Waste


This page is a multinational company that is in the UK and in the United States. It supported by very known brands like The New York times, Forbes, FOX, Discovery channel etc. 73 more words


Start at Home, Start Young

It’s understandable that some people will continue to do what they do.  They’re just set in how they do things and some of them don’t understand why there’s a need to change.   826 more words


On Telling Time

I. The very idea of an heirloom quality computer seems amusingly absurd.

And yet this does not mean that any concept of passing pieces of technology across generations is laughable. 2,203 more words


E-waste Facts

Obsolete electronic goods, if not disposed appropriately lead to serious environmental poisoning; this in turn results in numerous health issues for humans, plants and animals. 411 more words