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Disconnect in a Connected World

Very often politicians have lost touch with how an average person lives.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s city, state, or local, even businesses and other institutions have this problem.   657 more words



E-waste is the waste from our “recycled” computers, phones, or other electronic devices. The problem with E-waste is that to recycle the valuable parts from the electronics, it costs a lot of money to preform the task ethically and safely. 105 more words



E-waste: useless electronics that people no longer want (electronic waste)

E-waste is a big problem and an increasing issue that needs to be solved. With the amount of new technology increasing, more consumers are buying new technology and disposing of old models. 325 more words

How to Recycle Electronics Items

You don’t have to trash away your old electric gadgets any more. Donate them to make re-usable. In an age when the Earth from suffering irrecoverable loss of natural resources, you can do your share of recovery. 384 more words


Cheaper than e-recycling: poisoning Africa.

Millions of tons of our used televisors, computers and other electronic goods are given for free to Ghana (western Africa) because it’s cheaper than recycling it. 133 more words

Something About Earth

A Methodology for Investigating Cityness through Waste

There have been books, articles, presentations and courses on how you can study culture through its waste. It’s one of the methodological premises of Discard Studies. 634 more words


Junk Piles

UN Helps Developing Countries Handle E-Waste

Although they receive far less foreign e-waste than Africa and Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean are significant and growing destinations for the industrialized world’s discarded refrigerators, small home appliances, televisions, mobile phones, computers, e-toys and other products with batteries and cords. 138 more words

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