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Interactive Visualization of the Global Flow of Electronic Waste

Earlier this year we covered Josh Lepawsky‘s work on “The changing geography of global trade in electronic discards,” which showed that while in 1996, developing countries tended to ship waste to less developed nations, over time the circulation of electronic waste has steadily moved away from that geography until developing countries are exporting to developed nations. 202 more words


Developed Countries Exporting the E-waste To Developing Countries

The world has threaded with the problem of piling up of electronic devices and garbage created by the products. The scientist has begun to raise the concern that where the waste begins and wheat it ends up actually. 256 more words

Environmental Business

A look back

As my New Media Literacy course wraps up for the summer, I would like to take the time to reflect upon three major topics that I found very interesting, but that should be made aware to everyone to better our future. 416 more words


A Spacesuit for the Spacecraft

All members of the Woelab (Togo first makerspace) who came to visit us in Kokrobitey were proudly wearing their African print Woelab shirt… It’s because “we are a community!” they proudly said. 444 more words


Last Thoughts

As this course wraps up, I have reflected on the valuable information that I will use in the future as I live immersed in a digital life. 475 more words


Agbogbloshie is the world’s largest e-waste site, hidden within Accra. And on June 22, I had the displeasure of experiencing it first hand.

I first learned about the e-waste site from Meg, a previous QPID member. 582 more words