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So many reusable parts here. All that glass, just to begin with!
However instead of being able to replace small unsustainable parts, planned obsolescence dictates that we replace the whole machine to simulate our economy. 139 more words

Recycling Electronic Waste - Caribbean Initiatives

Like many people arriving to live in the Caribbean from the UK (and no doubt many other countries), I was dismayed to find the lack of awareness and emphasis on recycling in the Caribbean. 407 more words

04/15: Mobile Lab

A few screen shots of a mobile lab for electronic waste processing in Downtown Dhaka. Given how scarce land is, this lab would set up shop under a ‘flyover’ (overpass), while a permanent shop is built along side it. 38 more words


275-12: The Missionaries

E-Jesus? E-Jesus lives over there on Old Oven Hill and sees everything we do so you better not steal any parts and sell them to the Lebanese, okay? 261 more words


Dealing with e-waste in Dorval one monitor at a time

DORVAL – In the lot outside of Ballantyne Park, a seeming conga-line of cars lined up to drop off electronics that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars when they were bought. 265 more words



I recently received an email asking to confirm my level of interest in purchasing one of their second batch of phones.

Fairphone is a Dutch company aiming to create a phone that is ethically sourced. 384 more words


04/03: Electronics in Dhaka

A brief look at how electronics flow through Dhaka, looking at their economic and environmental impacts.