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Hardware.com July e.ZINE - Latest News, Reviews and iPad Giveaway

Hardware.com has just launched its new monthly e.ZINE. To celebrate Hardware.com is giving an iPad away, enter now.

This  edition includes:

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Juniper Networks DDoS Secure An Engineers Perspective… 75 more words

Issue #14: Alien Tech

The thought of life existing on worlds other than our own, out there in the asteroid-filled expanses of deep space is a fun one for writers. 310 more words

The Were-Traveler

The Purple Gumdrop, by Michael A. Kechula

This story was first published in May 2005 in Apollo’s Lyre Magazine.  


“What the hell happened to the house?” Joe yelled.

Shaking badly, Marge said, “A big, purple thing fell from the sky and hit it while I was making a tuna casserole.   1,065 more words

The Were-Traveler

Aftermath, by Stephen Sottong

Aftermath, a followup to “War of the Worlds.”


The light flickered. John Strutt, Lord Rayleigh raised his head and glowered at the 14-year-old. “Mr. Butterworth, would you please attend to your duties.” The teenager scampered back to the arc lamp and adjusted the gap of the carbon rods. 1,020 more words

The Were-Traveler

Readme.txt, by Mathias Jansson

I am an Android

I could not sleep

I tried to count electric sheep

but after 20 years

and billions of sheep

I still could not sleep… 175 more words

The Were-Traveler

Not Too Bad, by Lisa Hawkridge

“What did you do that for, Ricky?” Oolo asked, accent lilting in a way that only mouth tentacles trying to produce English phonemes could.

Ricky scowled. 220 more words

The Were-Traveler

Downfall, by Elizabeth Prybylski

“What did you say to me, asshole?”

Despite being pinned up against the dirty concrete wall by her cybernetic arm, the drug dealer had a remarkable mouth on him. 1,865 more words

The Were-Traveler