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Key Idea Identification

One over-arching theme, and key idea that I gained from module 5 is the importance of flexibility. While this was not a blatant concept, I felt that it was strongly connected to topic of Educational Philosophies. 299 more words


Big Ideas

Some of the big ideas that I have learned and given serious thought to over the course of this class are: nature vs. nurture and situated and distributed cognition. 338 more words


Peer Summarizing in PE

This chapter, like much of this course, does not easily translate to a PE setting, so when asked about my summarizing and note taking and how or if I teach these tactics with my students, my answer would be “maybe?” 323 more words


Gadgets Review: BOSE QuietComfort 15, Ferrari by Logic3 R300 & Creative E1 Headphone Amplifier

After nearly a month plus of photography equipment it is a nice for a change to look into audio equipment. With me are two noise cancelling headphones, Bose QuietComfort 15 and Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia R300. 1,302 more words

IT/Gadget Remarks

Reflection: Big Ideas in Cognitive Development

For four exciting weeks, our class has explored current theories on how children learn to think. We have read about mental processes at different stages of child development, and we discussed how to incorporate our newly acquired knowledge of cognitive development in designing lessons that engage our students and provide multiple routes for successful learning. 727 more words


A Learning Crisis: An in Depth Look at the Real Writing Crisis

Reading and Writing in the Content Areas: Bloggery Prompt #3

According to Daniels, Zemelman, and Steineke (2007), there is a writing crisis based on bias tests that don’t truly show the capacity of our students. 963 more words


Learning Illustrated

According to Merrium-Webster’s Dictionary, the term “illustrate” means “to give examples in order to make (something) easier to understand; to be proof or evidence of (something); to explain or decorate a story, book, etc., with pictures” (Merrium-Webster, 2014). 253 more words