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Clear and Unclear Windows

It seems as though the idea of teaching has changed significantly over the centuries. In the passage from Solomon, wisdom is perceived to be one of the most valuable things that one can strive for. 292 more words

EDU 6120

EDU 6120 Session 3: Six Cardinal Values

Methods of Socratic method utilized by the ancient Greeks can be displayed by a triangular model including courage, wisdom, and moderation at the three outer points of the diagram, highlighting justice at the center of this model, justice connecting the other values together. 543 more words


Focused Observation: Algebra Questioning

Algebra 1

This math course is a 9th grade algebra course. Today’s primary topic was a review of multiple representations of linear relationships. The students have been learning about functions, graphing, and linear relationships for several weeks, and now the students are preparing for a test. 607 more words


Just for fun...Extra Substitute Teacher Evaluation

Until I got my ‘emergency substitute’ certification, I had many, many days in which a substitute was necessary in our special education class. Occasionally, we’d have the same substitute return numerous times, but most of the time it was someone new. 660 more words

Special Education

Focused Observation: Questioning Strategies

Observation 10/9/14: Questioning Strategies

Subject: 6th English/Language Arts

Teacher: Mrs. D

The classroom I observed was the second half of a block class of 6th grade ELA (English/Language Arts), and thus was already in session when I entered. 923 more words


Meeting the Program Standard of E1 in First Period

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice.

This standard focuses on my emerging competence and knowledge regarding teaching practices with a strong emphasis on personal growth using professor feedback, mentor feedback, and self-reflection [1]. 706 more words

EDU 6945 - ARC Internship

Testing for Understanding in the Visual Arts

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice.
Teacher candidates develop reflective, collaborative, professional growth-centered practices through regularly evaluating the effects of his/her teaching through feedback and reflection. 477 more words