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Episode 1, Strip 7 "Radical Stick Dreamers"

I really like the Buffy-Willow exchange in the beginning here, and this is what this comic’s take on Willow’s awkward dialogue can look like. The last panel went through a lot of changes, but I liked where it ended up.


Internship Reflection II: H2

H2 – Honor student access to content material.

Teacher candidates use multiple instructional strategies, including the principles of second language acquisition, to address student academic language ability levels and cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 1,355 more words

Challenging Curriculum

EDU 6120 Session 5: Key Idea Identification

“Philosophy pervades all aspects of education. It is the underlying basis for everything we do in the classroom.” – Arthur Ellis, Philosophical Perspectives

As educators, we each develop our own pedagogical philosophies, driven by our general beliefs of what a fulfilling life may entail. 232 more words


"The Roman Way"

The American Education system and culture is heavily influenced by the Romans. The reason for this is that our founding fathers were educated with a Greek and Roman values. 199 more words


The Architecture of Moral Education

The Architecture of Moral Education is important to have in a classroom no matter what subject a teacher is teaching because students do not just learn facts and figures or how to read and write. 319 more words


Episode 1, Strip 6 "Sparkle Sparkle"

Of all the main characters, the one whose background I’m messing around with the most is Giles, as he is not appointed to be Buffy’s watcher, he’s just a lecherous old man who is obsessed with his own Britishness. 33 more words