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Principle of HOPE E1: A Reflection on Common Core Standards

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice.

O1 – Offer an organized curriculum aligned to standards and outcomes. 

Our state has adopted the Common Core Standards; this coming school year, throughout our state, high school math teachers will be teaching curriculum aligned to the new standards. 502 more words


EDU 6918 - Meta-Reflection

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice. My interpretation of this standard is that teacher candidates will strive to develop their skills and knowledge base for the profession by using reflection and feedback to evaluate current performance. 441 more words


Course Reflection - Intro to Teaching

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice. For, me this standard represents myself, as an educator, seeking knowledge that I feel will help me to become a better educator. 214 more words

EDU 6918 Course Reflection

The HOPE Standard E1 states that we “exemplify professionally-informed, growth centered practice”. To me, this means that us teachers aim to learn, digest, and incorporate research and strategies developed by professionals into our classroom. 631 more words


Introduction to Teaching, Course Reflection

Attached is my course reflection for Introduction to Teaching with Dr. Denton. The reflection focuses on HOPE principle E1, and discusses the importance of having a broad base of knowledge in the field of education.


Introduction To Teaching

EDU 6198: Course Reflection

I think that the HOPE principle of E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice, is perfectly suited to be associated with EDU 6918: Introduction to Teaching. It seemed to me that the whole purpose of the course was to prepare us as new teachers for the field we are about to enter. 501 more words

EDU 6198

Principle E1 through EDU 6918 course reflection

The course Introduction to Teaching has made the transition into becoming a student-teacher more smooth. Through the course I have learned about the history of education, best practices for teachers and student-teachers, how I fit into the traditional paradigms of teachers, and exactly what is expected of me through the course of my year as a student teacher. 474 more words