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R & L Radio Ltd, Shoe Factors

R & L Radio Ltd, Shoe Factors, 30, 28 Kingsland Road, Borough of Hackney, London E2, 2002 • An old TV shop which has fallen victim to the well-known graffiti artist… 28 more words


Shoes & Matching Handbags

Shoes & Matching Handbags, 87-91 Hackney Road, Borough of Hackney, London E2, 2006 • Another colourfully-graffitied “han bag” emporium near to yesterday’s. This was knocked down and replaced by new flats, which now house a handbag shop called, gnomically, H&G JS.


Ruby Handbags

Ruby Handbags, 71-73 Hackney Road, Borough of Hackney, London E2, 2006 and 2007 • More Eine doors, though by 2007 (second down) the shop was being redeveloped. 22 more words


The Nature of Nurturing

Every child is created with a certain biological blueprint that provides a skeleton of the man/woman he/she is to become. This skeleton is then filled in with the sociocultural elements that provide the flesh and blood. 241 more words


Writing with a Purpose

Clicking on my CNN homepage brings me to a screen littered with articles describing both the country’s education problems and the tragic immigration conflict that persists on our southern border (CNN). 541 more words


Reflection Module 4: Cognitive Development

I don’t want to sounds redundant, so I will briefly readdress my thoughts on nature vs. nurture. I firmly believe environment plays a much better part then one’s background. 238 more words


Reading- The Major Hurdle a Learner must overcome

The difference between an honor role student a high school dropout is sometime major and sometime minimal, but most often the cause is related to reading. 478 more words