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Street/ 7

Stormy seas in London, E2…

Another motion blur image this time, of course, the idea to show the tumult of the storm

The art is another one by the street artist Jim Vision… he painted the scene that appeared in Street/ 6 but I couldn’t remember his name when I put that post up.


Collaboration among professionals within a school is very important both for the teachers and the students. It creates a support for the teachers so that feelings of isolation can be avoided. 309 more words


Intern Teachers Collaborate Too!

Decimal Assessment

E2- Exemplify collaboration within the school [1]. Standard E2 is about demonstrating intentional collaboration within the school community [1]. Collaboration is an essential part of education, and its importance cannot be overstated. 323 more words


Episode 2, Strip 4 "He Already Found Lost In Space"

And Buffy meets Angel again. These scenes were so much fun to write. The fact that Angel flat out refuses to help her cracks me up. 49 more words

Rhetoric Sample on the Final - E2 only

(Also, check out the Vocab page to find out the password.)

The persuasive passage that will be on the final has been copied below. You are welcome to read it, print it, take notes on it, etc., and you will be better prepared for the questions on the final exam. 239 more words

English 2 - For 10th Graders

E2-Exemplify collaboration within the school.

E2 – Exemplify collaboration within the school.
Teacher candidates participate collaboratively and professionally in school activities and using appropriate and respectful verbal and written communication. 479 more words