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EDU 6526 "Homework and Providing Practice"

This week in EDU 6526, we focused are attentions towards homework.  In doing so, we read chapter 7, Assigning Homework and Providing Practice, of our class text, … 597 more words


Day 8 Update

At my day 8 appointment for ultrasound and bloodwork my follicles hadn’t grown much from day 6. They were at 12.5, 3 at 11, and one at 10. 156 more words


Module 4 Reflection

H3 – Honor the classroom/school community as a milieu for learning.
Teacher candidates implement classroom/school centered instruction, including sheltered
instruction that is connected to communities within the classroom and the school, and… 567 more words

EDU 6132

R & L Radio Ltd, Shoe Factors

R & L Radio Ltd, Shoe Factors, 30, 28 Kingsland Road, Borough of Hackney, London E2, 2002 • An old TV shop which has fallen victim to the well-known graffiti artist… 28 more words


Shoes & Matching Handbags

Shoes & Matching Handbags, 87-91 Hackney Road, Borough of Hackney, London E2, 2006 • Another colourfully-graffitied “han bag” emporium near to yesterday’s. This was knocked down and replaced by new flats, which now house a handbag shop called, gnomically, H&G JS.


Ruby Handbags

Ruby Handbags, 71-73 Hackney Road, Borough of Hackney, London E2, 2006 and 2007 • More Eine doors, though by 2007 (second down) the shop was being redeveloped. 22 more words


Writing with a Purpose

Clicking on my CNN homepage brings me to a screen littered with articles describing both the country’s education problems and the tragic immigration conflict that persists on our southern border (CNN). 541 more words