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Kick Start Your Monday

20th October 2014

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone has had a good rest from the weekend, here are a few interesting options for an entertaining Monday. 573 more words

Old Balls Hotel

EDU 6120 Session 3: Six Cardinal Values

Methods of Socratic method utilized by the ancient Greeks can be displayed by a triangular model including courage, wisdom, and moderation at the three outer points of the diagram, highlighting justice at the center of this model, justice connecting the other values together. 543 more words


on fridays we eat cupcakes

Today it is Friday! and What does that mean? Cupcakes for our guests!

Old Balls Hotel

Simple Collaboration is Best

This Wednesday was Super. Super Wednesday at my school is a school-wide activity day to accomplish a host of tasks. This is the best example so far that I have seen of staff collaboration. 687 more words


Characteristics of an Effective Educator

An effective educator is one who loves to teach, who knows her students well, and who works to help her students develop the character necessary to become competent contributing citizens and lifelong learners beyond the context of their formal education. 225 more words


Got the green light - we trigger tonight!

A week ago, there was talks of possibly having to cancel this cycle.

Tonight, we are almost 2 hours away from doing our trigger shot! Holy moly, I can’t believe we’re here! 522 more words


Focused Observation: Algebra Questioning

Algebra 1

This math course is a 9th grade algebra course. Today’s primary topic was a review of multiple representations of linear relationships. The students have been learning about functions, graphing, and linear relationships for several weeks, and now the students are preparing for a test. 607 more words