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Wheels in the wet

Vehicles moving in the rain are quite fascinating, as you can see small details of motion that are otherwise hidden from perspective.

XcuzeM3 - Rowen Cole's Static BMW E46 M3

Xcuze///M3 – Rowen’s Static BMW E46 M3

Photography & Words by CJ Levendal

So I’m sitting at home in front of the PC just surfing the net planning my next trip up to the cape of good hope, and of course one of the first thoughts to cross my ever wondering mind is ‘what cars I can shoot when I’m there?’ So naturally i start making a list, and the first car I wrote down was Rowen’s E46 M3. 701 more words

Finally got around to editing some shots from a very fun day up at Thunder Hill Raceway on the skidpad. Snagged this one just as they were loading up this beast of an E46 M3.

Cool Cars

BMW smart key battery replacement

Have you noticed that I sell more E46 parts than any other BMW model? The reason for this is that I like to drive one. The last E46 bimmer had non-functioning smart key *which helped me negotiate the price a bit* Official BMW policy is that you have go and buy a new smart key in this case, which runs 130$, as BMW smart key does not have screw to open it and two plastic pieces are just fused together. 197 more words

Frankie's Garage: Sleekly Tuned E46 M3

It’s another year, and another Import Meet Street Car Competition (IMSCC) that kicks off August 2014 up in the Greater Northwest – Seattle, Washington.  This is Andy Nissen-Barber’s 2002 BMW E46 M3 Turbo.


BMW OEM E46 sedan hood grill nozzle set - 80$

Yes, I know, broken nozzle is a pain in the lower back. If super glue does not help – come and buy. I can install it for you. 12 more words