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EA Pulls Dragon Age: Inquisition from India Before Launch

About six months ago, Electronic Arts was caught in a controversy over homosexual characters in The Sims 4 which saw the game get an adults only rating in Russia. 330 more words

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An afternoon with Dragon Age Inquisition

The Mass Effect series is one my all time favourite, yet despite Bioware’s success with this series, it still wasn’t enough to convince me to try out Dragon Age Origins. 1,005 more words



A thought for your day, with birthday greetings to Una and good wishes to all …

I am a kind of paranoid in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy.

- J. D. Salinger


Review of The Sims 3 Complete Edition

Oddly enough, it was a review of The Sims 4 that made me decide to finally get the complete edition of The Sims 3. I’ve had most of it for quite some time but honestly I forgot about it until fairly recently. 731 more words


Perfect Strike Gundam

Rp 205.000

Stok Ada

Call (088802723064) / Pin (3285271c)

High Grade (HG) 1/144

Keep to the stars, the dawn will come.

Hello folks,

Dragon Age Inquisition has released this week, and boy has it delivered something amazing. Regardless of what the common opinion may be, the song sung by the troops of the Inquisition at a certain part of the game is quite – magical – to say the least. 218 more words