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Production from Bakken, Eagle Ford rose 3.4% in July

Oil production from shale formations in North Dakota and Texas increased by more than 86,000 barrels per day b/d or 3.4% in July, according to Bentek Energy, an analytics and forecasting unit of Platts, a global provider of energy, petrochemicals, metals, and agriculture information.In North Dakota, the active oil rig count is close to 200 and the highest level in nearly two years, according to Jack Weixel, Bentek Energy director of energy analysis.”Oil production gains from the Bakken and Eagle Ford shale formations are a major reason why US imports of crude oil have dropped to levels not seen since the mid-1990s,” Weixel said.  88 more words

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UTSA lending expertise to tap into Mexico's liberalizing energy market

The University of Texas at San Antonio Institute for Economic Development have formed a new partnership with the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Léon, the Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos and other international trade groups to launch an economic impact study on shale oil-and-gas opportunities in Mexico.Spurred on by the booming success of new oil and gas development in South Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale, UTSA and partners will craft a comprehensive study detailing the economic and political impact of the recent Mexican energy reform legislation and what they means for foreign direct investment in Northern Mexico. 106 more words

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Up in Flames: Impact of 'flaring' in Eagle Ford Shale zone

SAN ANTONIO – A front page spread in the San Antonio Express News reads “Up in Flames.” It’s a headline teasing a four-part investigation digging into the flaring of natural gas at drilling sites across the Eagle Ford Shale.Recently, the journalists behind the story sat down exclusively with News 4 Trouble Shooter to detail how this practice could be affecting energy resources and your health here in San Antonio.”When you drive around South Texas you see the flares everywhere,” says Jennifer Hiller describing the torch like flames that are now a burning part of the scenery. 46 more words

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Waterless Fracking Shows Promise in Eagle Ford, Texas

 In the aftermath of the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas boom, companies have begun searching for the best way to extract the natural resources from the earth. 132 more words

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Production in 3 biggest US oil fields - Aug. '14

(Photo by James Ulvog. Four wells on a pad was big news only a short while ago. Now 4 is a small site.)

Only 10 oil fields have surpassed a production level of one million barrels a day. 316 more words


Operator outputs from US oil and natural gas resource plays continues to leapfrog

Perhaps the most striking thing upstream companies revealed in their recent round of second quarter calls was the astounding production increases from US unconventional plays brought about by an array of tweaks to well drilling and completion techniques.One tactic they’re using to eke more hydrocarbons from the ground is optimized well spacing — configuring wells as close as possible to best drain the reservoir without interference. 104 more words

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Eagle Ford Shale Is Getting 'Thicker' - Upper Eagle Ford Emerging As A Viable Second Development Zone - Rosetta Resources Inc. NASDAQ:ROSE | Seeking Alpha

Results of the Upper Eagle Ford pilots discussed last week by Rosetta Resources look highly encouraging.In certain areas where the formation is sufficiently thick, the Upper Eagle Ford may prove just as prolific as the Lower Eagle Ford.While much longer production history will be required, interference between wells in some pilots is yet to be detected.Success of early pilots may trigger a broader delineation effort by the industry. 32 more words

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