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Messier 16, Eagle Nebula in narrowband

Frames : 12 x Ha x 15 min , 8 x SII x 20 min, 8 x OIII x 20 min (3 consecutive days of imaging) 13 more words


2014 July 1st

No trace of cloud at all tonight and quite still.  All very peaceful apart from the occasional grumbling sheep and hooting owl.

Earlier today I received in the post a UHC (Ultra High Contrast) filter which I bought second-hand from AstroBuySell. 207 more words


Big Is Beautiful, Too!

This is an iconic photo by the Hubble Space Telescope called the “Pillars of Creation”, the Eagle Nebula picture taken many years ago and always worth sharing.


"Double Eagle Vision" Mural


This mural was completed on June 4, 2014.

It is painted on an 18 by 8 foot wall in a living room  in Morrison, Colorado.  It was commissioned by Bruce Leybourne to depict a dream he had of  an eagle carrying the earth through spacewhich was cracked wide open. 92 more words

Messier 16, Eagle Nebula

Frames 4x Ha x 10 min, 3 x S II x 15 min, 3x OIII x 15 min


In the Eagle Nebula

This video crossfades between the Hubble and European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope infrared views of the head of Column 1 of the Pillars of Creation in Eagle Nebula. 147 more words