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Pasadena is not close to me, nor is Eagle Rock, but occasionally I will have business that takes me east. When I am out there, navigating unfamiliar freeways like the 210 and 134, it’s good to have a few markers that I can lay down. 276 more words

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Michigan Court of Appeals Affirms Mining and Groundwater Discharge Permits at Eagle Mine

Mining Permit decision here.

This case reflects the attempt to balance the potentially conflicting imperatives of exploiting a great economic opportunity and protecting the environment, natural resources, and public health.

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Author: Kate E. Fort

Spitz - Eagle Rock

Spitz – Eagle Rock

Falafel wrap with fried garbanzo beans and olives

Los Angeles

10 Mile Run from My Mechanic

This morning I dropped off my car for maintenance and ran 10 miles back home. Took the endless Colorado Boulevard – main artery of San Gabriel Valley – that stretches all the way to the Interstate Freeway Five. 230 more words


Wedding Recap: Doug and Kevin

Doug and Kevin’s wedding was an explosion of love 30 years in the making. Yes- 30. I am not even going to start on a rant about how unfair it is this gorgeous couple had to wait to so long to be legally married- but- you know. 697 more words

Wedding Recaps