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Good Morning and I have not really had much sleep but am headed out in a few minutes to drive into the city to get hubbys medication from the va in Tacoma. 109 more words

Medical Check Up 2014

I’m okay! Today, I took Mr. Bowie for an annual medical check-up to Frédéric, an experienced and brilliant vet working at Venhei, a Veterinary Hospital. He also performed some medical tests for Mr. 66 more words


All The Good News

I am allowed to and CAN drive my car again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After an operation like I had I am not allowed to drive for 6 months and they were due this month. 674 more words


What Achieve If To Be Able To Tinnitus

Because several don’t understand how to remove ear wax themselves, they often rush towards the doctor and incur large doctor bills for something they could do just as easily at your home. 411 more words

What causes Ear Pain - How to get relief?

Edited my old blog post  ear pain

Earache (or Ear pain) in adult and children is one of the most common reasons for visiting ENT specialist… 709 more words

Ear Care

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Alright. I know that’s one very time worn expression and not terribly creative to boot. But, for me, it’s so very true!

Last week right before the three day July 4th weekend I started getting the chills. 1,044 more words