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You Can Get That Pierced???

My friend D took her daughters to Seattle. They went to the American Girl Store.

It’s not what it sounds like. You don’t get actual American girls there. 272 more words

Deployment Blues

Ear Piercing Adventure

First and foremost: I don’t like needles. Watching needles be inserted into other people: meh. Inserted into me? Yeah, better think again if you want to keep that arm. 1,328 more words


Day 27: Me Being "Risky"

For a while, I’ve been tempted to add a second piercing to each of my ears, so why wait?

Trained professional that also happens to be a family friend + Price tag of $7.50 = One easy decision! 27 more words

Iacocca Internship In Yerevan

Tragus Piercing 101

My 19th Birthday was on Saturday and I decided to be spontaneous and go get piercings with my friends. I decided I wanted to get a more unique piercing, so I went for the tragus. 553 more words

American Girl Store

The first time Mom, Beth, or I have ever been inside an American Girl store was in Alpharetta, Georgia on March 10, 2014. This was during our trip to Atlanta, Georgia to see the state Senate in session with the Lighthouse Homeschool Co-op. 929 more words



Hello again. Let’s talk about obligations.

I’m not hear to talk about how we feel obligated to attend our brother’s wedding even if we don’t like the new spouse. 443 more words

Bovine Earrings, Animal Identification

Every calf on our farm needs to have visible identification at all times. It is necessary even though farmer can tell who everyone is even from the backside of the cow. 336 more words

Animal Care