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Hell Is for Children

Strange blog post title if you’re not old enough to remember Pat Benatar’s song about child abuse. As much as I hated the subject matter, it always struck me as a powerful song. 463 more words

Roger E. Bruner

Piercings at St. John's

Many of the students on the St. John’s University Queens campus have body piercings. Each of them have their own reasons and stories behind their piercings. 571 more words


Daith piercing

On 19th November I had a daith piercing done :) Now I love daith piercings but have never been sure if I was able to have one as I have a weird conch area, very shallow and raised in the middle. 224 more words

Conch at 61/2 months and Forward helix at 8 months

So a quick update.

My forward helix is still very grumpy. I think the angle that it was pierced at is putting pressure on the piercing even now. 220 more words

Body Modification: New Piercing

Yesterday, I pierced my right cartilage! This area has been pierced before, but the placement is slightly different than before. The last time it was pierced, it was done specifically to wear an industrial bar, so the angle had to be a certain way. 246 more words


Cartilage piercing

Procrastination reaches new levels (actually just an impulsive piercing moment; felt like the right time). I have my old cartilage piercing back. It was a bit trickier than my lobe, due to my flappy ears, cartilage being tough, smaller jewellery, and being kinda awkward to do on yourself whilst trying to juggle clamps, a needle, scissors etc. 148 more words


How To Go About Ear Lobe Piercing For Infants?

If you are looking for piercing the soft ears of your infant, there might be some people who will advice you against the same, at least in United States. 431 more words

Ear Piercing East Orange