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Your mind is the instrument

I’ld like to share some “philosophies” on how I view ear training and shift the way ear training is thought about.

For a lot of people I know, ear training is being perceived as something which is just mandatory and something you have to struggle through in college to pass the year. 716 more words


A small update

So, I’ve written a book. It’s a small book and although complete, I feel it will never be finished (I will always add revisions). With that said, I think it’s a most powerful book. 106 more words


Ear training with the iPad

Will new technology revolutionize ear training and music theory studies?

Good aural skills are at the core of musicianship. A pianist needs a good ear not only for intervals but also for polyphony and harmony.

730 more words

Review: HomeSchoolPiano

One regret that I have always had is quitting piano lessons as a child, so when the opportunity to review HomeSchoolPiano by JAZZEDGE came up, I jumped at the chance!  987 more words

What about harmony?

That’s right. What indeed? MOVES notation is a single-line notation. It notates melodic ideas. Its aim is simple and single-minded. To get you playing like singing in the shower. 392 more words

The vals that contains the Nokia Tune

Listen to 0:12-0:14
I danced to this song today :)