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Maybe Thomas & William Stanley, Margaret Beaufort, Bishop Morton, Reginald Bray, John De Vere, Northumberland, and Henry Tydder Were Just Jealous

by Merlyn MacLeod

In the midst of reading an old book from 1965 called The Art of Creative Writing by Lajos Egri, I came across the following. 486 more words

The Entire Printed History of the Oxfordian Movement in a Single Volume

Our friend and colleague James A. Warren has done an amazing job, performing a real and lasting service, with his latest updating of AN INDEX TO OXFORDIAN PUBLICATIONS. 570 more words


The Darkness of the Dark Lady is Metaphorical: "THEREFORE My Mistress' Eyes are Raven Black"

The darkness of the Dark Lady in the Shakespeare sonnets has nothing to do with her physical coloring — nothing to do with her hair or eyes or skin. 2,423 more words


The Three "Monument" Sonnets -- 55 and 81 and 107 -- In Which the Poet Declares His Purpose

The Shakespearean sonnets printed in 1609 comprise a “monument” of verse for “eyes not yet created” in future generations. The 154 consecutively numbered sonnets represent a single, carefully designed masterwork of literary art. 1,510 more words


Shakespeare and Christmas

One of the minor tragedies that stems from the loss of Shake-speare’s true identity is the loss of his contribution to Christmas and other modern year-end traditions. 2,257 more words

Shakespeare Authorship

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah to All Shakespeare Lovers

Wishing all of you Shakespeare Lovers a time of Love and Peace and Joy. Of course, in my view anyone involved in the Authorship Question is more of a Shakespeare Lover than those who are satisfied with the status quo. 66 more words


The Shakespeare Code

I don’t think I’ll ever be accused of not having enough strange books in my library, but over the weekend, I picked up a battered copy of one of the most curious of them all: the first and only edition of… 869 more words