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Yester Summer Day

By Don Kenton Henry

There are times – most often when this planet drifts a little closer to the sun for the season to come… 676 more words

Don Kenton Henry

Earl Scruggs and the metaphysics nightmare

Patient X: Doc, I had a bad dream.
Dr. Pepperoncini: Oh? When?
Patient X: When I was asleep.
Dr. Pepperoncini: Hmm. What was it about? 603 more words


A-Z Challenge: Day 2...Battle of the Banjos!

thanks to the good people at http://tossingitout.blogspot.com/ I am playing around with an A-Z blog a day challenge( in case you missed yesterday’s post, which judging by the hits on the blog, most of you did, but that’s ok, i don’t mind, sniff sniff)…today is the 2nd day od the month so its logically the 2nd letter’s turn and that letter is B (not sure why i needed to express that, if one is reading this one knows one’s alphabet one would assume)….yesterday i did a battle of the bands that had nothing to do with the letter A and for that i am sorry..kind of…like the kind of sorry when you are crossing the street and traffic waits and you give a little wave of self deprecation…today I am keeping up the battle of the bands with BANJOS!!!…see all them b’s over yonder<<<<<<< its like a gosh-dern honey factory, yuk yuk yuk…anywho… 159 more words

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys - Keepin' Time with the Masters

I couple of months ago I entered a large painting for an exhibit at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea Kentucky.  Unfortunately the piece was not selected, but I have updated it a bit and am thinking about selling it on my  231 more words

Bluegrass Sunday #3

Here’s your weekly installment of Bluegrass Sunday. Pick on brothers and sisters!

Give It A Listen

The Greatest Cowboy

This man is exactly who I was talking about this week.  You can feel the confidence and knowledge this man had, and the pride and pleasure he had for his life. 38 more words


Sonic Drifting #2

The Recollective is comprised of 5 individuals – and though we are one unit we are also a  composite of smaller friendships. Over the years it has been our pleasure to both discover and leverage the chemistry that results from those various combinations. 549 more words