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Selective Memories & Denying Reality

I’m not going to lie – I can be a bit of a sad-sack . Without realising, I tend to focus on the have-nots; sometimes, I forget that I have done some pretty incredible things and have lived a pretty exciting life. 616 more words

Early 20s

Women should enjoy their early 20s

Every guy assumes that every girl wants to be in a relationship in their early 20s. Funny story I’m not your typical girl, in fact, I might be your total opposite girl that doesn’t want to be in a relationship, at least not until I know myself a little more and what I want. 724 more words


Melbourne Alley Ways

A while ago, I had been experiencing little ‘phlump’. Nothing catastrophic, it was more like a cloudy Sunday… that lasted for three months. I was very relaxed, had (A LOT of) time to think and met some people I didn’t expect to shoot the breeze with. 195 more words


20 Something: Stop, Don't Stop, Maybe Stop?

Working a ten hour shift and getting off at 7am is not fun. Getting pancakes after that shift is fun. Doing so with your ex is confusing. 570 more words

20 Something

21 Things I'll do in my 20's

So, about a month and a half ago I turned 20! I can’t believe it, I have officially been alive for two decades. That thought is both exciting and scary! 1,372 more words


How hard is it to make decisions?

There are lots of times in our lives when we need to make decisions.

When we’re a kid, it’s whether we like a game or not. 309 more words


Advice on How to be a 'Real Human' (in Your Last Year of College & First Year of Real-World Life)

My sophomore year of college I succumbed to a pattern of four hours of sleep a night, turning in last-minute assignments, spending time with friends poorly, and eating sporadically. 739 more words