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Trust & Silly Worries

It is an interesting concept, having to trust yourself. You see, I have this innate need to just do as I am told, and please those around me; … 396 more words

Early 20s

14 Things People In Their Late 20s Suddenly Start Saying To “Youths”

1. “You have such a good head on your shoulders.”

This is the ultimate, I know better than you, so much so that I can both identity and say to you that you are killing it while also lightly sounding like your grandmother on the day you got your first job. 845 more words

Quarter Life Crisis

I wanted to share with all of you a phenomenon that I truly believe is starting to happen to people in their early twenties right now, a quarter life crisis. 731 more words


Moving Out

I moved out of home today, and though I am over-the-moon about achieving one of this year’s goals, nothing has ever left me feeling more anxious, vulnerable, or exposed. 345 more words

Early 20s

From the Minne-Apple to, Well, Any Larger -(Other)- City

In the Land of Lakes, The City by Nature, Prince-town, Grainbelt, Twin-Cities-Minneapolis region, you’re typically either born and raised here; or, as a transplant for job or school, you wish you were born and raised here. 1,554 more words

Early 20's

Solace in Solitude

Solitude is honestly something so new to me and something that I’m slowly adapting to. I spent a huge part of high school and college molding my life to fit with someone else’s and really coordinating with my ex and building a life for the both of us. 560 more words

Saturday: Early 20s vs Late 20s

I moved to the city in my early 20s and I was immediately welcomed into my element. I lived with three other girls in a townhouse apartment. 533 more words