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Pink Parade

I had the idea to kill myself by taking aspirin and alcohol. I got it from Girl, Interrupted. I relate to that character so much I feel like I should do what she did and blurt out my crazy and just move on from selfish morose drowning. 237 more words

Sunday, Venting Day.

Feeling unappreciated I feel can be such a cliché for women, but it’s the truth. All the guy friends I have that come to me with their lady problems, the one thing I hardly hear is how unappreciated they feel. 128 more words

C'est Moi.

Limbo, Life's Entertainment.

As I begin to think that everything is going smoothly under control, life has it’s way of reversing it when it feels it needs a bit of entertainment. 322 more words

C'est Moi.

The Spotlight

I have this unconscious need to ‘fly under the radar’. I don’t need to be liked by everyone, per se, but I would much rather people think nothing of me, than hold any sort of distaste – especially by those whom I can’t avoid. 194 more words

Early 20s

Things I've learnt being 21...

I figure to start this blog post as an ongoing thing… I remember thinking up a few things a few days back, but I think I’ve forgotten some. 5,028 more words


A 20 Somethings Guide to House Hunting: How to Read Between the Lines

When it comes to house hunting we were definitely new to all of the jargon. So, I thought I would share with all of you some of the things we learned throughout the process. 363 more words