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A 20 Somethings Guide to House Hunting: How to Read Between the Lines

When it comes to house hunting we were definitely new to all of the jargon. So, I thought I would share with all of you some of the things we learned throughout the process. 363 more words



It has been five or six weeks since I moved out of home, and what I have realised is that I tend to define myself relative to those around me. 168 more words

Early 20s

Scene 1, Act 1

The writers’ workshop I am attending tomorrow has me ridden with such anxiety that I almost don’t want to attend, so in a bid to downplay the discomfort, I have taken to picturing the entire situation as the start of some hideously awkward indie movie – I find life a lot more bearable if I picture certain uncomfortable settings as a scene in a film. 345 more words

Early 20s

Don't Bow Out, You Ninny!

This weekend, I signed up to attend a writing intensive with Benjamin Law, and though I could not think of a more perfect workshop to attend, every part of me wants to bow out and bail. 367 more words

Early 20s

Trust & Silly Worries

It is an interesting concept, having to trust yourself. You see, I have this innate need to just do as I am told, and please those around me; … 396 more words

Early 20s

14 Things People In Their Late 20s Suddenly Start Saying To “Youths”

1. “You have such a good head on your shoulders.”

This is the ultimate, I know better than you, so much so that I can both identity and say to you that you are killing it while also lightly sounding like your grandmother on the day you got your first job. 845 more words

Quarter Life Crisis

I wanted to share with all of you a phenomenon that I truly believe is starting to happen to people in their early twenties right now, a quarter life crisis. 731 more words