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What Doesn’t Kill You Will Strengthen Your Resume, Part II

So, let’s begin with my professional history. I started very early in my life, you know, trying to make money. I knew it’s significance at a young stage in my development years, around seven or eight, and so I thought I might use the fact that I was a cute little kid who seemed to not know what he was doing in order to manipulate grownups into giving me money. 848 more words


Revenge - is a dish best served to the enemy.

I’m a fairly nice person. The catch phrase here being ‘fairly’. I’m human. It is human to dislike others for a reason and my bug-a-boo is people who are miserly even if they’re rolling in riches. 563 more words

Bernard Oulie - Official Artist Biography

Influenced by the avant-garde movements that flourished throughout France in the early twentieth century, namely the work of Post-Impressionists Henri Matisse, Paul Cézanne and Paul Gauguin, Bernard Oulié followed a unique path in search of individual style and artistic achievement. 684 more words

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Planning your career? Look at your level of work

I first came across Floreat when working in a big company overseas. At the time I was “in a period of personal growth” (i.e. stressed, confused, anxious) – wondering whether I was on the right path at work, why some things I was doing left me feeling completely unsatisfied and others energised me – despite the fact that the work I was doing all seemed the same. 636 more words

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