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12 BC sites for early years centres announced

On August 19, the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development announced the 12 community organizations selected to host new BC Early Years Centres that will help support families with children aged 0-6. 86 more words

Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development: Why You Should be Reading to Your Kids Everyday

As I mentioned in my previous post, one thing that really keeps me going is the work that I am doing with a non-profit driving the Attendance Collaborative. 363 more words


Two-Generation Approach Best for Addressing Cyclical Homelessness and Poverty

The Denver Post recently published an investigative article shedding light on the physical, psychological and emotional effects of homelessness on school-aged children. Without stable housing, nutritious food, clean clothing and transportation, homeless children are frequently absent from school, transfer schools, perform more poorly on tests, are left back and have low graduation rates. 1,113 more words


Therapy Therapy Therapy and more Therapy!

With so many children today needing one or other type of therapy, I cannot help but ask the question, “Why?” Why are so many children battling? 709 more words


No Parenting Problems - Learning to Say "No" the Right Way


An affiliate of Starts at Home Leonard Mukai, Ph.D, has an excellent online program called No Parenting Problems. He and his wife Cecilia Mukai, Ph.D are giving this 30 day video presentation FREE to encourage and help parents;  he believes parenting “Starts at Home” and is sharing his program. 144 more words


A Parents' Guide to Kindergarten Readiness | Urban Child Institute

A Parents’ Guide to Kindergarten Readiness

You are Your Child’s First Teacher

During the first months of life, your baby’s brain is developing the foundation for lifelong learning. 154 more words

Solving education one puzzle at a time

One of the most exciting things I have seen recently, was a pre-school offering “Puzzle Club” as an extra mural. With today’s busy life, it has become all too easy for parent’s to let their children do puzzles on a tablet, instead of taking the time to sit and teach them to do traditional puzzles, to sit and manipulate the pieces until they fit together to create a whole picture. 552 more words