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Art & Montessori

A common misconception among Montessori skeptics is that there isn’t enough emphasis on teaching art in the Montessori classroom.  If their definition of teaching art includes 25 children sitting together, making paintings that look almost exactly the same, based on the teacher’s original idea, then they are absolutely right: you will NEVER find this type of art instruction in a genuine Montessori environment. 794 more words


My new job: #SAHM. Scratch that: #WFHM

About a month ago, due to circumstances beyond my control I became a “Stay at Home Mom”. After many years of working full time and only taking a break for B-school (which is like a job) and for two maternity leaves (which are like super jobs) I welcome the change. 760 more words


Ministry of Social Development family maintenance consultation

Minister Don McRae, Assistant Deputy Minister Molly Harrington, and other staff from the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation, along with Assistant Deputy Minister Jay Chalke (responsible for the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program), attended First Call’s December 10 coalition meeting to discuss the 100% clawback of child support payments from families on income assistance. 260 more words

Early Childhood Development

The Parent Trap: New report from CCPA on child care fees across Canada

The Parent Trap, a new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, looks at child care fees in Canada’s biggest 22 cities and shows just how unaffordable child care has become everywhere outside of Quebec, the only province with universal subsidized child care. 96 more words

Early Childhood Development

Early childhood education and care for Aboriginal children in Canada

Drawn from the article “Aboriginal early childhood education in Canada: Issues of Context” (Preston, Cottrell, Pelletier, Pearce, 2012), this policy brief explains factors that are important to quality Aboriginal early childhood education, such as promoting Indigenous languages and culture; adequate staffing by qualified Aboriginal educators and empowerment of Aboriginal parents and communities. 27 more words

Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Education Report 2014, Atkinson Centre

Subtitled “Public policy shapes early childhood programs” and full of useful statistics and downloadable charts, this report shows how the federal government has influenced provincial and territorial programs and priorities. 17 more words

Early Childhood Development

The toll of toxic stress

Our bodies have evolved to react to stress signals by jumping into “fight or flight” mode. While this response can be beneficial and even life-saving in times of crisis, prolonged exposure to elevated stress levels can be detrimental to our general health and well-being—particularly for children. 1,232 more words