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How do we rate for Early Childhood Education?

As we begin to improve population-level outcomes for children, youth & families we are also gathering exisiting data to establish a baseline.

How Do We Rate for quality Early Childhood Education? 224 more words

Meet Our Newest Daring Dinosaur

After earning another five Dinosaur Points, the students asked for a new fish as their prize! Batman Michelangelo, a zebra fish, now has a goldfish friend named Uniqua Cinderella. 19 more words

We are born with the ability to love- hate is something that is taught

I found this video on YouTube about kids reacting to the cheerios commercial that spark debate over the media. The commercial features a interracial family in its ad. 216 more words

Early Childhood Education

It's Time to Grow Up Great

Today I am attending the PNC Grow Up Great Advisory Council in Pittsburgh. In 2004, PNC adopted a corporate-wide program focusing resources on early childhood education to make a tremendous impact. 99 more words

Brain Development and Bilingualism

Here’s an interesting article on how being bilingual helps the brain to develop into a “more powerful, flexible brain.” A little motivation for language learning at any age!


Societal violence and the treatment of children

I’m still taking notes from Peter Gray’s Free to Learn:

“…recently, research involving many types of societies has shown systematic relationships between a society’s structure and its treatment of children… 206 more words

Social And Political Contexts