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Free Kids' Books for Summer Reading???

  Too many parents make the mistake of allowing their children to take a lengthy vacation from reading during the summer months. As a result, reading levels often take a dramatic downward slide, and teachers spend precious time coaxing those students back up to where they were in May. 363 more words

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Something New! Introducing Foreign Language.

Okay so, I must be on a roll because I have five minutes of free time LOL. So, I thought I tell you about something new that I have started with Baby K. 491 more words

Early Childhood

Oh dear

Today we were all in a bit of a silly mood. The kids were getting the giggles and we talked about crazy things that could happen. 56 more words

The Hiatus is over!!! Finally catching up!

Oh my! It has been a little while since I last posted my thoughts on our journey. What I realized is that when you are teaching a knowledge thirsty kid all day, working nights, taking care of everyday life and trying to have a little time for yourself, you might just get a little bit BURNED OUT!!! 1,779 more words

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Zoo Designs

The 4 year-olds in our early childhood classes created amazing zoo designs. This three-day project was great fun and complex for the kids. We read several books about zoo animals, then drew the overall design of a zoo adding pathways, ice cream and hot dog vendors and of course the zoo train. 89 more words

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Spanish Fandango

Speech can be taken for granted. When you have a child enter a daycare setting who lacks language skills and obviously Wants to talk to you, it’s a challenge. 511 more words

Blogging A To Z April Challenge 2014

A little story about a mouse and a sandwich, with felted food

A few weeks ago, I was wondering what story to tell next in my Parent-Child classes.  Then I had a dream–I had a small cloth sack and the children were all gathered around me pulling pieces of felted food out to make a sandwich for little mouse.   257 more words