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Kids Count Child Care: Setting Standards for Early Childhood Education

Kids Count Child Care at P.G. Chambers School is a community based child care center for infant, toddler, preschool, and pre-K children, six weeks to five years of age. 365 more words


A Blast Had by All!

CrossRoads was rockin’ this past Monday night and having a whole lotta fun!

We had a groovy time at our Rockin 50s Family Fun Night! Families were greeted by fun café food for the low cost of 25 cents! 63 more words

CrossRoads Kids

Early Childhood Update: February

Love!!  This month is all about Love!!  Jesus loves me.  He also loves you.  He also loves your children more than you could ever love them. 180 more words

Emotion-Coaching Parents & Authorative Parenting

Emotion-coaching parents monitor their children’a emotions.

I’am so lucky that my mama would always check on me from time to time even way back then. She always made sure that if ever Im having a bad day, she is always there to guide me every step of the way. 87 more words

Early Childhood

Teaching a 5 year old

Honestly, life as a full time housewife is not that easy. Besides the normal routine of all sort of chores and taking care of your family you have to to be a teacher as well. 476 more words

5 Year Old


During preschool years, both boys and girls slim down as the trunk of the body lengthens. The head is most obvious large part of the body it is until the end of preschool years. 167 more words

Early Childhood


At this age, Initiative vs Guilt occurs during preschool years. This is Erickson’s third stage of development. As a preschool child tend to be exposed in the real social world. 152 more words