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Building a Medieval Castle!

A really great BBC series about experimental archaeologists building a Medieval castle in France. Have a look:


An Issue of Sources: Part II

Sorry for not posting for a while: I’ve been quite unwell, and I was then bound up with finishing off all of my uni work before the end of term.  343 more words


An Issue of Sources: Part I

Studying a period of history as distant as Britain in the first millennium requires a fundamental shift in approach: unlike the practically inexhaustible supply of archival material for modern history, we are reliant on a few, very specific, documents to guide our understanding. 351 more words


Early Medieval Kingship

I thought I would start posting with something far from the rapid changes of the twentieth century. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been writing an essay on the differences between English and ‘Celtic’ kingship in the British Isles before the Vikings: how kings were conceptualised by their contemporaries, their status in and relationship to law, and their (often servile) association with other, more powerful ‘overkings’. 193 more words


Early Midieval Music

Early Medieval Music:

Early Medieval music was monophonic. The official “sacred” music of the time consisted of plainsong sanctioned by the Church, which was neither sacred nor musical in the true sense. 510 more words

Music And Time