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Early medieval kings liked beer. Lots of beer. Ine’s Law Code, from around 690, shows just how much beer. Detailed within this legal tract is a food render — a shopping list, if you like — of what the West Saxon king expected when he and his men paid you a visit. 165 more words

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Dinogad's coat

Often called the oldest Scottish poem, The Gododdin is a series of elegies to the Britons who died in a failed assault against the English at Catraeth (modern-day Catterick). 212 more words

Dark Ages

Contagion and Pestilence in Isidore of Seville's Etymologies

Before Isidore of Seville became the patron saint of the internet, he was known for over a thousand years as a font of knowledge.  Isidore was not an innovator; he was a master of synthesis. 668 more words


Mapping pottery

Following on from suggestions (primarily by Prof. Barry Cunliffe) at our Academic Advisory Board meeting last year, we started thinking about how we might map aceramic (or minimally ceramic-using) zones through our time period. 1,805 more words


What's in a name?

Pictish kings were not succeeded by their sons. Brothers, yes, but not sons. It was a peculiar practice but one that seems to have endured until late in the eighth century. 372 more words

Dark Ages

2014: The Great Wrap-up - and Christmas Presents for 2015!

Just as I did last year, this post bookends the painting and modeling activities I pursued in 2014. It’s been a year full of a change for me: I was fired from one job and hired by a much better company straight away, I’ve picked up sports again, and I’ve taken on way too many commissions leaving little time for my own lead and plastic pile to be reduced! 1,252 more words

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Building a Medieval Castle!

A really great BBC series about experimental archaeologists building a Medieval castle in France. Have a look: