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Exam Reading - What Is Love?

In 1691 a reader of John Dunton’s Athenian Mercury (also called Athenian Gazette and Casuistical Mercury) posed this question for the periodical’s writers: “What is love?” Since the question was included in one of the early issues of the periodical dedicated solely to “ladies’ questions,” we can presume that this question was, indeed, posed by a woman. 1,061 more words

Feeling crabby

Happy birth-month to me!

My birthday was last week, and, as per usual, I was out of sorts.

I’ve never really enjoyed my birthday, to be honest. 555 more words

The Early 20th Century: Age of Anxiety


Close your eyes. You are sitting in tall grass, surrounded by a rolling landscape, a crooked line of cottonwoods gather at the edge of a nearby stream. 373 more words

Early Modern

Carl Jung and Surrealism

This presentation explores Carl Jung’s theory of collective unconsciousness and surrealism.

Early Modern

It’s been 11 months since my last update, I’ve found a bit of new information since then.

  • Added previously unpublished 1600 Hinson Shoehorn, linked to my blog post describing the horn and Flikr account with the images.
  • 341 more words
Early Modern

Recycling History: An Essay

Last year I published a short essay in the journal Tang Studies, occasioned by the publication of Valerie Hansen’s wonderful The Silk Road: A New History… 90 more words


Subverting Aristotle: An Interview

Craig Martin’s new book carefully traces religious arguments for and against Aristotelianism from the eleventh through the eighteenth centuries. Based on a close reading of a staggering array of primary sources, his book subverts several assumptions about the connection between Aristotelian thought and the emergence of the new sciences in early modernity. 9 more words