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Early mornings are a 4 letter word......

I am probably one of the worst waker-uppers I know. Which is pretty bad because I know several lazy people. I am notorious for trying to be an early riser and failing miserably. 943 more words


Make Your Early Mornings AWESOME!

Hey Doosters!

We all have to do it sometimes, wake up at the crack of dawn or even before then! I have of late, been waking up between 3:30 and 6am. 224 more words

Good Advice

Day 1;

I managed it!
Took me a solid hour to wake up, sat in bed with a cuppa.

Saw the sun rise too, which was lovely!

6.30am wake up challenge;

From this point on, for at least 4 weeks, I am aiming to get up each weekday at 6.30am. For those with jobs that demand early rising, this will not seem like a shock or even vaguely impressive. 324 more words

Warsaw Dispatch: Success, an Experiment

Oh, Ben Franklin and your worm. What if, like a bat, I prefer more agile prey? Today, I readĀ yet another pieceĀ that equates success with early rising. 1,170 more words