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Musical Studios

CNN played a game of musical studios today. Both Early Start and At This Hour normally originate from the Communication Center (and CNNMoney and Reliable Sources… 62 more words


Wibbly wobbly camel

I was aiming for an early night all yesterday afternoon. Particularly after BossMan said ‘You look tired today’, yup, I was tired, but thanks for noticing! 835 more words

I Like To Move It, Move It

The rules don't apply

Why is it, that, despite the fact kids went to bed late, they woke up earlier than normal? Seems inherently unfair.


4am, you make me happy.

In light of getting my blood test results back, I have decided it is time to get some of my life back. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately, almost too good, you know when you can’t sleep because you’re just not tired enough? 879 more words

Life Conquering

Day 326

Early start sex.  ~8pm

Despite the early start to the day, it did not stop us from snuggling in bed and snuggling elsewhere as well.   39 more words

Its Back!

This time next week the first games of this season’s Ulster Bank League will have been played and its fantastic to see the principal domestic rugby competition back. 831 more words


And we're off... to an Early Start!

On Tuesday, September 2, students all across FCPS began a new school year. Many started at new schools and were nervous, maybe even scared. But those who attended Lanier’s Early Start program were prepared! 255 more words

Early Start 2014