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Loch Fyne Leeds

As a girl that LOVES food there isn’t many restaurants in Leeds who’s menu I haven’t sampled. So when I advised my housemate that I haven’t in fact dined at Loch Fyne, she was shocked and demanded we go there for her birthday meal. 329 more words


#TheStruggle of Getting Back on Track

The month of December I completely fell off! Literally, all the positive habits I developed have gone by the wayside. I am tired of my excuses! 527 more words


Before sunrise

It might be early, it might be cold, but it is most certainly beautiful to get up early enough to watch the sunrise! Happy new year to all my readers!


Early Bird !

I thought i will start off with something what i love the most about a Day , The Early Morning Hours :).. I have always loved the early morning time since i was a kid but later on my sleep timing and routine changed and i missed the mornings but alhamdulillah i got it back after a while  ..Some of us doesn’t want to know what the morning hours even look like because they don’t want to miss their sleep ,but i tell you those people miss the most wonderful time of a day.. 727 more words