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S4S: January 25th

With Sundance in full swing this week, I’m sighing for these DVFabulous earmuffs. Perfectly fitting for a ski bunny, there’s nothing like leopard-printed earmuffs to add a little glamour to your ski suit. 41 more words

Sighing For Sunday

Review: Earmuffs for Everyone by Meghan McCarthy

Earmuffs for Everyone!: How Chester Greenwood Became Known as the Inventor of Earmuffs by Meghan McCarthy

Chester Greenwood is credited with being the inventor of the earmuffs.  The story goes that he was a boy with big ears that were sensitive to cold so he had his grandmother create him a pair of earmuffs from wire and cloth.  However, the author also shows that earmuffs were actually invented before Greenwood was even born.  He did however get a patent himself at age 19 for ear-mufflers.  Chester had a great business sense too, one that he honed even as a boy.  He also invented other things besides ear-mufflers, designing new features into kettles and rakes and even creating a portable house.  It was an article in Life Magazine in the 1930s that credited Greenwood with the invention and that continued into the 1970s when there was a day named after him in Maine that continues to be celebrated today. 170 more words

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Winter Style

Louche jumper & bag, Miss Sixty jacket, Primark earmuffs, Christian Cota boots, Marc Jacobs watch

To match the neutral colours of the dunes at the beach, I paired my textured off-white Louche sweatshirt with a chunky Miss Sixty jacket and furry earmuffs. 14 more words


On Trackside Scanner Noise Reducing Earmuffs NASCAR 24 Headphones

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