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Blood Moon Eclipse

Wow!  Did you see the eclipse last night?  I was in awe standing underneath the beauty of the moon.  I felt so incredibly connected to the cosmos in a way I had not felt in a really long time and how fortunate for us that this happened during our month of connecting with nature! 113 more words

Mother Nature

Monday's Walk

We’re still following the rule that we must go out for a walk as long as it’s over 20 degrees.  Today we actually saw temperatures in the 30s and the sun shone at times making it a lovely day for a walk.

Connecting With Nature

Happy Ostara (+ some ways to celebrate)

Happy Ostara! Today is the Vernal Equinox, a time when day and night are equal and we are headed toward longer days in the Northern hemisphere. 213 more words

Connecting With Nature

It was a warm and sunny day...

We went for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood.  Sounds of chickadees, red winged blackbirds, and woodpeckers calling, “Spring! Spring! Spring!”

Connecting With Nature

Gratitude Sunday (3/9/14) on Monday

The weekend was so full that I was unable to put this together yesterday.  However, I’d still like to share what I was grateful for this past week! 141 more words

Connecting With Nature

Gaia by Jassy Watson

We have come to a point in the history of our civilisation where our relationship to nature seems to be more of one of destruction than of nurturance and respect. 953 more words


Teaching Kids about Peace and Sustainability

Recently, I’ve book on the lookout for books that can be used to teach Pagan values. And to me, Pagan values are fundamentally about reverence for the Earth and relationships of social justice. 650 more words