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Scientists puzzled by recent flurry of quakes in central Idaho

April 2014BOISE, Idaho (AP) – Three portable seismographs will be installed in the Challis area in central Idaho to help experts better understand a recent flurry of earthquakes. 518 more words
Earth Changes

West Africa Ebola confirmed in outbreak is new strain

April 2014AFRICA – The Ebola virus in western Africa is a novel strain that probably evolved locally and circulated for months before the outbreak became apparent, researchers said. 540 more words
Earth Changes

6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes remote Bouvet Island in South Atlantic

April 2014ATLANTIC - A 6.9 earthquake shook the remote Bouvet Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean Tuesday Morning. Bouvet Island (Norwegian: Bouvetøya, is an uninhabited subantarctic volcanic island and dependency of Norway located in the South Atlantic Ocean at 54°25.8′S 3°22.8′ECoordinates: 54°25.8′S 3°22.8′E. 235 more words
Earth Changes

Fracking Poisoning Our Drinking Water!

Carlos TheZilla shared a link.

Anonymous – Bundy Ranch Invaded for Oil and Gas Fracking

For map see http://www.naturalnews.com/files/Petroleum-Data-Clark-County-Nevada.pdf Greetings people of The United States and The…

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Third earthquake strikes Nicaragua in less than a week: fears rampant of ‘big one’

April 2014NICARAGUA – A third earthquake in less than a week struck Nicaragua early on Monday morning, shaking buildings in the capital, Managua, though there were no immediate reports of damage. 261 more words
Earth Changes

April Full Moon Update

April Full Moon Update

This is a short update on what is going on in my own life as well as an energy update. I’ve really been feeling the energy squeeze and it has not been comfortable. 1,070 more words

Massive Earth Changes: Hopi Prophecy Of The Implosion Of America

As I listen to this, I have to say this may be attempted, but it will not happen! If you will take the time, please, to read this post, 200 more words