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100 Days of Happiness: Day 4

(Wild flowers I planted on Earth Day, 2014)

Mother Nature deserves so much appreciation, so much more than we give her. She deserves compassion from all creatures who dwell within her, and there are too many people who don’t do enough to make up for the damage that’s been done. 294 more words

Prayer from Visions of a World Hungry by Thomas G. Pettepiece

Prayer from Visions of a World Hungry by Thomas G. Pettepiece
Lord, I already know the best way to alter my life-style to the best advantage for all — live like Jesus. 269 more words


Richmond Students Play Leading Role in Earth Day Event

David Suzuki was the keynote speaker for this high school event produced by student leaders. Learn why events like these can facilitate knowledge transfer and create enduring solutions by forging bonds between youth and the community at large.

Earth Day

Earth Day 2014 took place on Easter Day in Yoyogi Park. Earth day can be celebrated in many different ways depending on where you go, so it was interesting to see how it would be done in Tokyo. 238 more words

Student Posts


How well did we take care of our planet? This is our legacy. How wisely did we use the resources we have been given? How did we treat the source of all Mother Love right beneath our feet? 189 more words

Karen Chrappa

Hari bumi yang jatuh pada 22 April lalu merupakan momen bagi masyarakat dunia untuk mengingat dan lebih peduli terhadap kelestarian bumi. Pada momen tersebut, Gerakan Indonesia Berkibar (GIB) turut serta memperingati hari bumi melalui kegiatan  394 more words


Yards Native Pollinator Garden at the Newlin Grist Mill

Did you know that one third of all food produced in North America depends on pollination by honeybees? These crucial players in our ecosystem are rapidly disappearing. 85 more words