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I'd rather shine and sparkle in the shallow
   Depths of a pretty fountain
Than blindly swim an ocean dark and hollow—
   Or climb a rocky mountain.


All In All

Earth Day

We’ve all heard of Earth Day, but do we really know what we are celebrating? Earth Day is an important day that is often overlooked by many Americans and people all over the world. 65 more words

April 22

Taken by the Tree

In this book, it’s Earth Day and our heroine is on her way to New Hampshire’s White Mountains to hug a tree. Imagine her surprise when the tree hugs her back. 59 more words

"Make Art Out of Recyclables" at Allendale Library

Bridget Briant (left) and Maryanne Mistretta

January 16, 2015, Bridget Briant and I did another presentation of “Make Art Out of Recyclables” at the Allendale Library, Allendale, New Jersey. 209 more words

Citizens to Save Little Presque Isle and Wetmore Landing

Most people know Little Presque and Wetmore Landing as a beautiful place to hike, swim and cross country ski, but the area was almost lost when the DNR comprised a $300,000 plan to construct a campground within the Little Presque and Wetmore Landing area in the 1980s. 261 more words

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