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Review: Solar Powered Lights – SunBell and Little Sun

Every year, during Earth Hour, I get nervous thinking of what I can do and how I can entertain my son for a full hour. It is never a problem and we end up having tons of fun using just our headlamps, but it certainly makes me think about how dependable we are on energy. 625 more words

Gear To Get There

Peringatan Earth Hour 2014

Pada tanggal 29 Maret 2014, bertepatan dengan peringantan Earth Hour imah noong mendapatkan kunjungan dari SD Negeri Wangunsari, Lembang. Peserta kunjungan ini mencapai puluhan siswa. Pada kunjungan ini peserta dibagi menjadi beberapa kelompok. 77 more words

Imah Noong

March 2014

I’m trying to take one picture every day in 2014, for every month there will be a summary post like this one. Find them all… 54 more words