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Episode eleven: "Climate Change"

In the final episode of A Science Story, we discuss the global issue of climate change: the science, the stories, and the politics. 172 more words

Potentially Habitable Exoplanet?

NASA recently discovered a new exoplanet roughly 490 light years from Earth. This planet was discovered to be orbiting the star Kepler 186, which is known to have 5 other orbiting planets, and so the new one was named Kepler 186f. 90 more words

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The Global Warming Pause

I’ve been hearing about the Global Warming Pause for quite a while now. The point is that Global Warming hasn’t apparently increased at all in the last ten years. 602 more words


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Glorious Qur'an & Shape Of The Earth


The word ‘ard occurs in the Qur’an some 461 times. Most of the uses are in connection with a description of Allah’s absolute dominion over the entire universe and His power of creation. 3,275 more words

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The Well Written Geologist part 2 - Walter Alvarez

I’ll being by stating the obvious, that I want to learn the old Italian songs that the geologists like to sing in the evening.

My first GSA was in… 633 more words

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ES Astronomy: The Rest of It

This wraps up our Earth Science/Astronomy science year. We started out following Elemental Science’s program, but ended up essentially ditching it part way through. I won’t use them for chemistry – I’ve already bought R.E.A.L Science Odyssey from Pandia Press. 151 more words

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