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Geology of Ribbon Falls

Ribbon Falls is a beautiful waterfall in the The Grand Canyon that sits on the north side of the infamous Box which you can access from a side trail that takes off from North Kaibab. 381 more words


Gizmopod: 15 Bad Habits That Are Destroying the Environment-ad

Gizmopod: 15 Bad Habits That Are Destroying the Environment-ad

These 15 bad habits that most of us are destroying the environment we live in.

Junk Mail~About half of all of the mail received in the US is junk mail, or about 105 billion pieces each year. 20 more words


Antarctic find spurs new hope that alien life could exists in places such as Jupiter's moon Europa

An ecosystem has been discovered under the Antarctic, raising hopes that life could exist in extreme environments, such as on other planets.

Researchers established that tiny life forms were thriving in a lake beneath half a mile of pack ice, even though the habitat has not seen sunlight or fresh air for around a million years. 502 more words


Can you falsify an earth science hypothesis?

Answer: No.  Read on for why.

Science, they tell us in grade school and middle school and high school and often into college, has four simple steps: Observe, formulate a hypothesis, test that hypothesis, reject or accept that hypotheses (usually testing against a null). 968 more words


Bárðarbunga - Plumbing the depths

The internet has lit up in the last three days or so with people getting (over?)excited about activity at the volcano of Bárðarbunga in Iceland, particularly since the… 1,098 more words


Sticks and Stones

While my sister was filming for stunt camp, my mother and I were walking along the coastline at Point Gratiot. My mom took this time to teach me more about different rocks and driftwood. 410 more words