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Amazing Universe Picture [ November 26, 2014 at 11:46AM ]

Details: http://ift.tt/15tWKEh

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Heart, Earth, and Arthe

20th August, 2000 | 10:13 – 10:15

My Heart follows where the Earth moves -
When my Heart stops, my Arthe follows.


Notice you can make all three words just by moving the first letter of the word at the end? 9 more words

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The Grocery Stores Have Gone, What Now?!

What would you do if you woke up and all grocery stores were shut down, emptied out and there was no place to buy food? Would you know how to feed yourself? 970 more words

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"Welcome to Amsterdam" by Sasha at Vancouver General Hospital

Thursday November 20, 2014
5 minutes
A sign at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Welcome to Amsterdam
And Lethbridge
And Honolulu
Welcome to your grandmother’s basement… 52 more words

Nature's dancing without us

The problem with us humans is that we are victims of of our own illusory superiority.

We claim to be earths greatest evolutionary species, moral and intelligent, yet we still justify pain and suffering on the basis of tradition and ‘survival of the fittest.’ Highly hypocritical I would say? 533 more words


Plant-based living is better for the environment than eating meat. This is not debatable. People eat less food, drink less water, produce less gas, and we require less land than large livestock animals.  677 more words