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Esteemed thinker: Richard Jefferies

Leftovers are usually thought of as food that we will eat later’; sometimes because we want to and other times because we feel guilty. In restaurants there is even a word for the container we put our uneaten food at the end of our meal. 715 more words

19th Century

The Necessary Nature of: God

The Necessary Nature of: God.

Love and Justice are intermingled, and they both win.

          Often times we select the desirable attributes of God and neglect the ones we prefer to not meditate on. 623 more words

Lunar Eclipse | Images of Totality

The previous post explained the nature of a total lunar eclipse and what to watch for. The post also described the four consecutive total lunar eclipses we can expect in the next two years, known as a tetrad. 361 more words


Heaven & Earth

Oliver Stone’s powerful Vietnam saga of a man who fought, a woman who endured…and a love enmeshed in a war’s brutality.

Nothing on the Earth happens that is not related to the spirit

Nothing on the Earth happens that is not related to the spirit. Our soul with her good and bad deeds is closely related to all that happens on the Earth. 106 more words