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Zen Gardner ~ Transcending the Parasitic Fear Agenda

I really wish I could write the way this guy, Zen Gardner, writes. Not only does he write with compelling poetry… he also thinks! His essays are crafted and aged like ae fine cheese making them filling to read…and remember. 2,474 more words

attack of the nectarivore!

I recently learned that there are two species of nectar-loving bats that visit the Tucson area during the summer and that they often raid hummingbird feeders.   18 more words


Apollo Series: Apollo 9

Many of us have heard of at least one or two Apollo missions, including the very famous Apollo 11 mission which landed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on The Moon.   166 more words


NWO Report - Court Releases ‘Fast And Furious’ Info Withheld By Obama - 1 August 2014

NWO Report

A federal court has ruled that the Obama Department of Justice must turn over to the non-profit watchdog group Judicial Watch an index of materials related to the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal that were withheld by the White House under executive privilege claims. 12 more words


Israel-Palestine: Is This A Debate? Russell Brand The Trews - 1 August 2014

Uploaded on 29 July 2014 by Russell Brand  Russell Brand The Trews (E111). Thanks for sending your video suggestions. Here’s my analysis of a Middle East ‘debate’ on Fox News. 38 more words