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Queen of the Night

The day

Destroyed by the night

Its queen the moon

And her minion stars

That she commands

Hold court over those on earth

Bound inside the realm of dreams… 44 more words


Jesus Tweeting ... Get Ready

My child, prepare your heart. I am about to pour out an immense sea of graces upon the earth. It will be far and above anything you have seen before. Get ready. I am coming.

Jesus Tweeting

Chinese Christmas

Chinese restaurant in December, with Christmas tree and decorations. They had red poinsettias too.

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Different cultures and religions blend beautifully and harmoniously together, if we allow it. 16 more words


Photo Tales: Windsong

By Jason Lovato

I hate the wind as it slides down
the slopes, running to the plains.

It strips yellow off of grass, splits
grain of an old barn, stacks clouds shoulder… 63 more words

Black And White Photography

Crows are smarter than you think

Crows have long been heralded for their high intelligence—they can remember faces, use tools, and communicate in sophisticated ways.

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Everybody's left

Originally the title to the blog was “everybody’s wrong” but that sounded just slightly egotistical on my part hence the BFG Roald Dahl reference. I was thinking today how everyone on this planet in some way or another thinks that they are right and that makes them wrong. 705 more words