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Essence of Growth

Life’s red blood turns blue,
Set below an angel’s hue,
Death’s dark days spring life,
They bring about nature’s wife,
And upon her floor is set a seed, 19 more words



Alone: the energy of completeness. Like the North Pole, where every direction leads south, for a lone object or living thing to be “all one” is to have every direction lead to “one” (or “one-ness” if you wish to break it down into a human incarnation.) This is quite a different energy than the energy of individuality, which was invented in the 1790s to form a portable relativizing point for the new physical sciences. 30 more words


Earth and Moon, Together Again, from Chang'e 5-T1

Chang’e 5-T1 is really a test flight, not a scientific flight; its primary goal is to validate the return capsule and heat shield for an upcoming lunar robotic sample return mission (planned for 2017).   77 more words


Creating Peace through Ultimate Love, Acceptance and Compassion

Hello beautiful people.

I have been giving the most amazing opportunity to travel, work and live abroad for the last two years. A journey driven by my quest to find inner peace, love and light within me. 1,287 more words


Re-blogged | BBC's Your Life On Earth

“O this is a world so full of care, there is no time to stand and stare”

BBC runs a spectacular section on their website where you can explore how life has changed on the planet since your birth. 133 more words


Tom Kenyon – A Planetary Hathor Message – Escalation Of Chaotic Nodes And The Dismantling Of 3-D Reality – 30 October 2014

This is an interesting article from Tom Kenyon who routinely channels the Hathors. Who is Ton Kenyon? He is an established psychotherapist who began receiving “messages” from this group while listening to sounds. 3,201 more words