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Whoa... Is Your Deity is an Atheist?

What if this was true. Your Deity of this Universe was just like us, and only knew this realm that was available for understanding. Would this dude think as we do? 155 more words

Letter to the Atheist

I love you. You are a human being, just as I am, and I hope that I have done nothing to make you think otherwise. 412 more words

Divine Creation (Worldwide) vs Man's Creation (Regional)

Man did not “create” the Earth, obviously. But, man did “create” how to view and perceive it. If you are not open to understanding the natural ways we are intertwined within this natural planet, the Universe, and each other, then I pray for your mind and your heart.”

Stop Limiting gods, you Wankers

EVERYONE is on this idea of the maker of the universe, and that is awesome to me, we are thinking about the foundations and cultural paradigms that have become so stagnant and BORING within this society. 202 more words

Diabolical Dictator: Interview for how to Take over your Planet

Welcome, WP readers, people who just read for fun, and that random fan that stops in to see “whats up”. I plan to copy a fellow blogger that I read about fairly often in an attempt to “create” a new persona for writing within this blogosphere of letters and words. 170 more words

Civilization: Beyond Earth...I Can't Stop Salivating

Civlization V was a beast, a fun game that actually asked you to use your brains (a feat, indeed, in today’s world of mindless shooters, not that I don’t enjoy those :P ) and Civilization: Beyond Earth, dubbed… 816 more words