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CommonDreams - Federal Court Allows Non-Profit Groups To Defend Kaua’i County On Behalf Of Taxpayers - 16 April 2014

April 15, 2014
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Federal Court Allows Non-Profit Groups to Defend Kaua’i County on Behalf of Taxpayers… 352 more words


CommonDreams - Feinstein, Meet Irony: Outraged Senate Will Investigate Leak But Not Horrific Acts It Reveals - 16 April 2014

by Abby Zimet

Surreal: Charging that possible perps “broke the law and should be prosecuted,” aggrieved  Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein is investigating, and calling on the Department of Justice to investigate, the dastardly… 238 more words


NaturalNews - J.D. Heyes - Just How Much Land Does BLM Claim To Own, Anyway? - 16 April 2014

(NaturalNews) A number of questions have emerged surrounding the federal government’s recent stand-off with a Nevada rancher whose family has run cattle on the same stretch of land since the late 1800s, including the motivation behind the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) decision to now, after decades, try to force 67-year-old Cliven Bundy off his ranch and just how much land the federal government “manages” in the first place. 766 more words


North Dakota Struggling To Deal With Radioactive Fracking Waste - 16 April 2014

Environmental regulators and North Dakota state officials have expressed concern that the state has failed to adequately adjust to the state’s sudden influx of crude oil output, a worry highlighted by the recent discovery of abandoned radioactive waste. 102 more words


ZeroHedge - Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, Head Of Saudi Intelligence, Has Been Sacked - 16 April 2014

In the aftermath of the disastrous, for both the US and Saudi Arabia, false flag campaign to replace the Syrian regime with one which would be amenable to allowing a Qatari gas pipeline to pass underneath the Al-Qaeda rebel infested country, there were numerous rumors that the reign of Saudi’s infamous former ambassador to the US and current intelligence chief, Prince Bandar “Bush” bin Sultan – the man who… 81 more words


Ferry Sinking Off South Korean Coast, Over 470 People On Board - 16 April 2014

A passenger ferry with 475 people on board has capsized and sunk off the coast of South Korea, with two people declared dead. At least 164 people have been confirmed rescued, but 300 are still missing, according to coastguard officials. 85 more words