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The first thing to do once your in bed and ready to go to sleep is to lie flat on your back with eyes closed and arms resting alongside your body and starting with your feet and moving upwards slowly until you have relaxed the muscles of your head and scalp do this while breathing deeply and evenly… 603 more words

Magickal Arts

I see and I know

I see you building roads
On the very beauty
Where my green grass grows
I watch you building drones
Using my wood
To make your homes… 175 more words


Think Green

KalZ, I saw this picture and I thought you’d like it

NaturalNews - Ethan A. Huff - Elsevier Journal Boycott Announced; Sign The Petition To End Seralini GMO Study Censorship - 24 April 2014

(NaturalNews) The publisher of the scientific journal that retracted Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini’s study on tumor-ridden rats fed Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) corn is the subject of a new academic boycott. 646 more words


NaturalNews - L.J. Devon - GMO Eggplant Fails To Resist Pests In Bangladesh - 24 April 2014

(NaturalNews) In January of this year, 20 Bangladesh farmers were given a new type of eggplant seed to try out. The new GMO eggplant seeds were engineered by Monsanto and developed by Maharashtra Hybrid Seed Company Ltd. 744 more words


NaturalNews - J.D. Heyes - Two New Studies Prove Obamacare Is A Disaster Headed For Serious Trouble - 24 April 2014

(NaturalNews) In early April, President Obama wasted no time in taking a victory lap of sorts regarding the alleged success of his signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act. 800 more words