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Fractal creatures filtered the Precambrian oceans

The comprehensive study of the anatomical organization of Aranéomorphes can lift a mystery about these strange marine living organisms on Earth, there are 575 million years. 349 more words


A Remembrance of Storms Past

I sit in my apartment late one summer afternoon, with the lights off and the shades open as I watch and listen to a thunderstorm rolling in from the west. 774 more words



Simbol Bumi adalah simbol yang paling penting, bersifat mengayomi layaknya seorang ibu. Bumi adalah bagian dari lima elemen = Bumi, Api, Air, Kayu, Metal. Simbol liontin bumi adalah melindungi dari segala halangan dan bala.

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Fengshui Pendant

Up For the Challenge, Part I

The following is a result of challenging a young man to read the book of Job, after a lengthy discussion about God, Jesus, Satan and the Bible in general. 557 more words

The Futility of Religion

The sharpened swords of Islam can behead as many “infidels” as they like. The sharpened tongues of Christianity can spew bigoted poison as much as they like. 654 more words


Turns out Google’s undersea cables have a shark problem

There are many, many things that can go wrong as you lay thousands of miles of fiber optic cable along the ocean’s floor. Earthquakes can rip things up, as can fishing hooks.

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