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Before you read any further, I’d just like to clarify that this isn’t one of those posts in which I lecture you from atop my vegetarian high-horse on the benefits of abstaining from meat. 445 more words

"Home" Documentary: My Brief Thoughts

I watched this for the first time today. A lot of people commend me for my decision to act in ways that I believe are part of the solution to saving our planet and helping others, and I appreciate it (I am working my way up to being able to do more). 503 more words

Being Vegan, Slaughterhouse, Psychopaths, Earthlings and other random thoughts.

I have been Vegan going on three years now.  The reason, the primary reason I became vegan was after watching a documentary called Forks over knives.  1,706 more words

Earth and Earthlings Need a Centralized, Worldwide Government

Animal Rights cannot be achieved under capitalism.
True, major strides are being made in awareness of animals as sentient beings, and many people are coming to embrace ethical treatment of animals. 114 more words

Animal Rights

Natta Quitta

Ah, yes, that time of year again. Last year, around this time, I changed my life over to a healthier lifestyle. My god, best decision ever. 380 more words


VP # 27: Kaleidoscope

My original intent was to have two scientist in lab coats pushing telescopes down a hallway and colliding with one another and exchanging cuss words. But as often happens, while taking a shower, I had a Eureka moment and thought of a large telescope on a mountain top being run into (a collision) by a UFO to complete the pun— Collide-O-Scope. 54 more words

Visual Pun