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The latest chicken scandal

And yet again more “news” about the hidden horrors behind the meat industry. Now it’s “the dirty secrets of the poultry industry” and the “chicken food poisoning scandal” . 2,057 more words


Divine Creation (Worldwide) vs Man's Creation (Regional)

Man did not “create” the Earth, obviously. But, man did “create” how to view and perceive it. If you are not open to understanding the natural ways we are intertwined within this natural planet, the Universe, and each other, then I pray for your mind and your heart.”

10 Reasons Why I Think Society is S*!t

1. The dumbing down of the spiritual focus of our planet in relation to humans – worldwide

2. Religious arguments over the same energy of praise that supports ALL life on this planet – no matter your race, region or relation… 109 more words


Cannibal: An animal that feeds on flesh of its own species.

Reader says: ‘Hang on… What the hell is she talking about? My pet a cannibal? 1,307 more words


I saw yet another badger today. Dead, in the ditch by the road.
Is that all they do? Run out into the road and get killed? 523 more words


I don't give a flying foreskin

Every once in a while, people would tell me things like this:

“Chow, you’re not gonna change anything by choosing not to eat meat, those animals will be killed anyway. 427 more words

Way Of Real Men

Letter to the 'Reader'

Letter to the Reader:

I use the word, ‘reader’, in the context that one may read this stations articles for the entertainment, mocking, or down right bashing purposes of what we are representing. 115 more words