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Fiber, Earthships, And Rugs

As a fiber producer and somewhat textile artist since forever, I’ve always wanted to attend the Taos Wool and Fiber Festival. As fate would have it, we found ourselves in Santa Fe just two days before the festival. 791 more words


Living The High Life During The End Of Times

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to aimlessly wander the country in search of shelter and sustenance.
These Earthships are self sustaining homes that provide shelter, food, electricity, warmth, and even water. 35 more words


My Labor Day Weekend: Earthship Biotecture HQ

Our next trip brought us to the world’s largest “Earthship” community. Earthships are houses build with old tires, bottles, beer cans, and -of course- earth. 165 more words

Anja In Albuquerque

Tiny Houses, RVs, and Other Places We Call Home: A Reading List

For my husband and me, 2014 has been all about downsizing: we got rid of 80 percent of our belongings, moved out of San Francisco and into my parents’ home, and are currently building a 131-square-foot tiny house on wheels. 375 more words


The HIVE: A Hybridized Earthship Design

T.C.U.P. has began the design phase of the new community building! This building will be a hybrid Earthship, built  from natural and recycled materials, and designed to maximize the efficiency of thermal mass insulation and passive solar. 633 more words

Alternatives to Traditional First World Housing

Where to begin with this topic? Debt – as good a place to begin as any other. People in so called first world countries are drowning in debt. 470 more words