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What is a Plat?

A plat is a drawing that governs the subdivision of a piece of property.   It typically contains information about the piece of property such as a drawing of that property with lot lines, subdivision name, a legal description, the location of the right of way along a street or an easement, possibly the zoning of the property, owners of the property and the owners of the neighboring properties, and other information as required by the local area.   172 more words

BLM vs the Rule of Law at the Bundy Ranch

The aftermath of the first stage of federal physical force against the Bundy’s is now being assessed. The government destroys water tanks, shoots bulls, and generally oversteps even their judge’s own court order to “only” steal cattle. 330 more words


When dealing with railroad easements, timing is everything

Congress has enacted several laws relating to railroads, dealing with issues from the creation of the intercontinental system to the conversion of abandoned rail lines into trails. 240 more words

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Easements May Create Rights and Duties That Are Not So Obvious

When an easement over someone’s land is granted, it creates rights and duties for both parties. These are not always obvious. A recent California appellate decision (Dolnikov v. 784 more words

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Pipeline Still Pushing Through, But Without Eminent Domain Power

According to a ruling issued last week by Judge Phillip Shepherd from Franklin Circuit Court, The Bluegrass Pipeline Co. cannot use eminent domain and condemnation to take private property for construction of a natural gas liquid (“NGL”) pipeline through Kentucky. 608 more words

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Legal Terminology: Easement

An easement is a legal right of someone who is not the property owner to use a property in a particular way or to restrict the use of the property by the property owner. 276 more words

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