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Dreamless Sleep

“The monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they hide with the demons inside your head”

Sleep had not come easily in the past few months for our girl, many a night was spent looking at the minutes ticking by on the clock, as the demons filled her head.

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Uncomplicated Natural Anti Aging Wrinkle Intensive Skin Care Eye

Eyes play a very important role on our face. anti aging eye cream tightens the underneath areas of the eyes. It helps to make it mix it with the facial skin. 337 more words

Glass Photo Vase-can Easily Be DIYed By Decoupagin

Glass Photo Vase-can easily be DIYed by decoupaging photos onto any glass vase & spray with seal. Print photos on vellum for more translucent effect; can also be used as a candle holder so images are lit up or use photo decal transfer process.


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The Benefits of Owning Gold

There are many benefits to owning gold that you should know about.  Buying gold is something that can easily be done through reputable companies such as Karatbars.  17 more words

Through a process called photosynthesis, the plants have converted these precious minerals into organic colloidals that are easily absorbable by the human body.

Colloidals are microscopic-sized electrically charged particles.

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Can Respite Care Help You?

Family caregivers can easily become overwhelmed by responsibilities.  If you are feeling exhausted, Manhattan respite care professionals may be able to help you cope.

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