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How to Get Sales Experience Easily without a Job!

Ever wondered how to get sales experience on your own time? Although most sales job opportunities state that you don’t need any special skills, you would have to be naive to believe that it doesn’t require developing the skills if you don’t have them to start. 143 more words

You Wimp

Fuck is this, day four? So I took my meds as planned last night and was able to rest for a few short hours. Woke up to all the god damn lights of my computer and phone, though. 610 more words

How to Bypass/Remove Online Surveys Easily

Hey guys we are back again with one more tutorial this time we are going to teach you how you can Bypass online surveys that are quite annoying. 684 more words


Furnish Your Home Easily: Naples Consignment Furniture Shopping Tips

You’ve got a new Florida home and you want to move in fast, but it’s unfurnished. Your first option is to go to the local store selling knock-down or “for-assembly” furniture and buy some brand new furnishings for your house. 114 more words


Overcome Procrastination Easily

(This is a part of the I Waste So Much Time series of posts designed to add to your personal power and productivity.) Habits help you act automatically, instead of consciously thinking things over and deciding whether or not to do them. 146 more words

How To Spy A Mobile Phone Easily and Affordably

Spy Software is a standard term for the various types of plans that are out there to document laptop or computer or smartphone activity. Spy software packages are built to merely provide useful and helpful resources for your own monitoring work and is guaranteed never to damage your computer or…

My Life


The words flow from my pen,

But stumble from my lips.

What’s the simplicity of writing on paper?

But in real life, I need a million scripts. 42 more words