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East Coast: Part Two - Trouble In Paradise.

Hi all, back again with another update from my travels! First and foremost, you may have noticed the facelift my blog’s received – the old girl had started to look a little bit 2013, so I decided to bring her into the present. 2,301 more words


34 Ways You Know You Attended A New England Boarding School

1. People always asked you why you lived at your school, and if you liked your family.

2. Despite the common belief that your school was full of rich white kids, your boarding school was actually pretty diverse, especially compared to most suburban towns in New England. 531 more words

Economic opportunities for East Coast

Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee and Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce have released a study of the East Coast region’s economic potential over the next 30 years. 712 more words


How Did I Get Into This Genre Anyway?

A funny thing happened to me on the way to becoming a fiction writer. I ended up in mystery. I’m not really sure how I got here or why. 501 more words

F-2009-18-New York

I had been dating a guy for about 4 months. He wasn’t a virgin and had been hinting more and more frequently that he was getting tired of “waiting for me to be ready” so one day, I basically just did it to shut him up. 69 more words


New Video - Flatbush Zombies - My Team Supreme 2.0 (ft. Bodega Bamz)

My Team Supreme 2.0

Flatbush Zombies and Bodega Bamz





Easter Loving.

Happy Easter!
I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend soaking in the spring air. I took this picture at the San Diego harbor last night & figured it would be perfect to end our Easter vacation on a relaxing note (before heading back to work head-on tomorrow).
Enjoy the day.

xx Aubrey