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In which Netty peers over the Wall into Stasiland ...

“The Stasi was the internal army by which the government kept control. Its job was to know everything about everyone, using any means it chose … (but) the Stasi entirely failed to predict the end of Communism, and with it the end of the country. 937 more words

Some moments from Sister Franziska´s Life. Part 6.

It was 1977 and I was then forty five.

It was for me and many others still that time of hope after the Second Vatican Council when Pope John the 23rd had wanted to throw open the windows of the Church and let the light of new thinking flood in. 1,800 more words

The Berlin Wall: Another Cold War Myth

Roger’s note: I cannot vouch for the historical credibility of this, but it rings true for me.  The East German Communist government was a brutal dictatorship and its secret police, the Stasi, was known for its ruthlessness.   1,507 more words

Roger Hollander

Good bye, Lenin!

This movie immediately struck me  as something that I wouldn’t be forgetting in the near future. Expecting a comedy, I quickly realized that this was far from the truth. 228 more words


Regina Saphier: Corrupt Dictatorships Kidnap Societies

Regina Saphier: Corrupt Dictatorships Kidnap Societies

Political Systems Are Able to Powerfully Distort Behavior Using the Channels of Peer Pressure and Social Networks: A quick look at corrupt dictatorial socialism, democratic socialism, liberal capitalism… “good” societies… “bad” societies… and my memories of Hungary before 1989… 5,386 more words

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Stasiland - Andy's Berlin obsession detains him once again

When it comes to cities I’ve not visited that I want to visit New York trumps Berlin, but only just. In fact I have visited Berlin, once, sort of – I was on some dodgy semi-independent bus toury thing of Europe, Eurobus I think it was called, in the mid-nineties – independent in that you could choose where you wanted to stay and how long, semi-independent in that you could only go to the cities on the bus route.  600 more words

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