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The meaning of debauchery

Last week, one of you commented asking me to elaborate on the term “debauchery”, which I used in a previous post (http://pujaguha.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/each-of-us-can-have-multiple-lives-if-we-choose/). I’ve been struggling intermittently today, trying to think about what I would say about this. 641 more words

Straight Ahead to Karma: A Tale of the Cold War

German has a word for someone who exhibits this sort of behavior: Arschloch.

Mea culpa, I plead guilty to the symptoms of this malaise more than once in my life, but the one instance that sticks out most in memory is in the spring of 1969 on a trip to Berlin. 1,241 more words


Inside Berlin's secret Stasi prison

The former Stasi prison stands in the middle of a residential neighbourhood in East Berlin. Surrounded by tall concrete apartment buildings and pretty houses, it’s hard to find if you’re not looking for it. 933 more words


Colditz (and Lidl)

Colditz first came into my consciousness when I was a child, a grim castle set to terrifying music in grainy colour on British 1970s TV. It was the theme of my games of Action Man, a place where posh, moustached men plotted escapes under Jerry’s very nose, a place of daring do, of jaunts across the Reich armed with nothing more than a homemade set of clothes and a forged ID card, trotted out with a jar of ink and a potato. 30 more words

Andrew Reid Wildman

Germany Still Has a Wall that Divides

If you travel by train or car in Germany for any distance, a few aspects of Germanness are inescapable. They all share similar ideas of orderliness, tidiness, and structure. 1,322 more words

Each of us can have multiple lives if we choose

Last week I went to the lovely wedding of two friends (Sindy and Ciden) in a village in East Germany called Tobertitz outside of the town of Plauen. 630 more words

The Sad Legacy of East German Doping

Last post I discussed the rise of positive doping tests in the aquatics world (here), echoing the terrible doping decades of the 70s, 80s and 90s. 820 more words