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Regina Saphier: Corrupt Dictatorships Kidnap Societies

Regina Saphier: Corrupt Dictatorships Kidnap Societies

Political Systems Are Able to Powerfully Distort Behavior Using the Channels of Peer Pressure and Social Networks: A quick look at corrupt dictatorial socialism, democratic socialism, liberal capitalism… “good” societies… “bad” societies… and my memories of Hungary before 1989… 5,385 more words

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Stasiland - Andy's Berlin obsession detains him once again

When it comes to cities I’ve not visited that I want to visit New York trumps Berlin, but only just. In fact I have visited Berlin, once, sort of – I was on some dodgy semi-independent bus toury thing of Europe, Eurobus I think it was called, in the mid-nineties – independent in that you could choose where you wanted to stay and how long, semi-independent in that you could only go to the cities on the bus route.  600 more words

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Cycling the ElbeRadWeg, Part 2

More aptly, this should be titled, Cycling the ElbeRadWeg and R2 route, as it was here we discovered a routing change that would take us off the ElbeRadWeg and directly into Berlin. 1,182 more words


Cycling the ElbeRadWeg: Part 1

While visiting our friends in Magdeburg our host casually mentioned that he and his wife had done a bike trip from the Czech border to Hamburg along the Elbe River in the former East Germany. 1,029 more words


Einige Momente vom Leben Schwester Franziska. Teil 5

Es ist der 24 Juni 1964. Schwester Franziska ist zweiunddreißig. Sie steht in der Schlange vor der Grenze der DDR. Es ist der heißeste Tag des Jahres. 1,674 more words

Some Moments from Sister Franziska´s Life. Part 5.

Sister Franziska, ex right. at a Fasching Party in the DDR in the late 1960s.

It’s the 24 June, 1964. Sister Franziska is now thirty two. 1,966 more words