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The Sun Rises in the East - Right?

It’s 5:16am, the world is quiet. Excellent. I like it best like this… (and for a change, I’m not still awake but woke up after 9 hours of good sleep…) 708 more words


Leipzig's Stasi Corner: Die Runde Ecke

Before arriving at the Runde Ecke, I didn’t know I’d be visiting on the very day, 25 years to the day the building was occupied by peaceful protestors. 705 more words


Noon GDR Cuisine

I really enjoyed this video that features the food of the German Democratic Republic. I love food and cooking, though I suppose I don’t write a lot about it. 60 more words


The Lives of Others

What we had in mind in 2011 was a full disclosure of truth. Needless should I say that we found “truth” a right entanglement of unverifiable facts and figures, some imaginary, some forged, and some unfortunately true. 455 more words


Stasiland by Anna Funder

I lived in Berlin for just over a month in the summer of 2010. I stayed in an old communist block building with a few others in East Berlin, tasked with writing a city travel guide for students. 577 more words


Why is anybody still living in East Germany (or New Zealand)?

When I pointed to Jennifer Hunt’s so titled paper freshly released in 2000 on why does anyone still live in East Germany, none of my New Zealand colleagues understood the parallel with their own country. 442 more words


The words of an East German resident

When someone from the United States tells me to value my freedom, I brush the idea aside and do not truly think about it. Everyone should have freedom, right? 629 more words