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Sophomore Year: MSU 2011-2012

After moving home for the summer, I couldn’t wait to get back to East Lansing for my second year at State.  This year, I live in Holden Hall again, but in a single room with friends in the adjacent suite. 112 more words


MSU, UM To Work On New Food Ingredient Research Institute

EAST LANSING (WWJ) – There will soon be a new independent academic center at Michigan State University studying the safe use of chemical ingredients in consumer packaged goods. 496 more words


Sindhu, East Lansing

It was a cold and dark Monday night when we marched into Sindhu in the Hannah Plaza in East Lansing. The place was about 1/3 full and the décor was questionable, but we were there on a mission: To eat. 471 more words

East Lansing

CourseWeaver Adds Support Services For LON-CAPA LMS Users

EAST LANSING (WWJ) – East Lansing-based learning management developer CourseWeaver Inc. said last week it had launched an extensive set of tools, services, maintenance and support services for global LON-CAPA assessment, content and learning management system. 249 more words


East Lansing 360 - my U2 Concerts A to Z

I chose the 360 show in East Lansing, Michigan on June 26. 2011 as my ‘E’ U2 concert, not because it is one of my favorites but because it was unique. 1,014 more words


Freshman Year: MSU 2010-2011

Just as I am eager to graduate college and start my career, I was more than ready to finish high school four years ago and move to East Lansing, Mich. 230 more words