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“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.”

John Steinbeck — East of Eden

“All novels, all poetry, are built on the never-ending contest in ourselves of good and evil. And it occurs to me that evil must constantly respawn, while good, while virtue, is immortal.

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“All great and precious things are lonely.”

-John Steinbeck, East of Eden


“Time interval is a strange and contradictory matter in the mind.  It would be reasonable to suppose that a routine time or an eventless time would seem interminable.  

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And Now That You Don't Have to Be Perfect, You Can Be Good.

I’ve (probably) blogged about it before, and I will (probably) blog about it again.

I am what kind people call a “perfectionist”(mean people call it “neurotic”). 485 more words

Steinbeck thought East of Eden his magnum opus and said that he put “everything” he knew about writing or the world, or something like that, into it. 528 more words

East Of Eden

Can you be gracious?

Magnanimity, graciousness, you must have come across these concepts. We see these on the big screen, in films, mostly in a romanticised sense. The hero in the fairy tale, who is always magnanimous and gracious. 579 more words