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The Young Adult Years

8 Short Stories

Story 1

Our young adult years were filled with school, work, sports and hunting. Perry and I worked Saturdays during the school year and up to six days a week during the summer. 2,725 more words

Evolution And The Bible

Why East Point is Safer Than Smalltown, Georgia

Movoto.com recently listed East Point, Georgia, as one of the top ten most dangerous cities in America.

Movoto.com is full of shit.

Seriously. I could fertilise my front garden with that shit and grow enough organic kale to keep all of Jefferson Park in kale crisps for a year. 589 more words

Who Am I? I'm Dale.

Hi there. I’m Dale. I’m an author. I currently live in Atlanta, in an area called East Point, which is actually southwest Atlanta.

Yeah, logic and reason don’t really exist in Georgia. 738 more words

Too Much Truth - A Young Soilder's Testimony

Today on Too Much Truth, DB get the inside story by talking to Willie Myrick and his Godmother Codetta. Willie is known as the 9-year-old boy who was abducted from his home. 188 more words

Heard On WAOK