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Hawkins Mayor Denies Official Oppression

HAWKINS (AP) - An East Texas mayor says he was falsely arrested on an official oppression charge and just offered to help a resident get her yard cleaned up. 211 more words


The sad tragic history of the Rusty Taco logo and how it was usurped by an unruly rebranded beast. (Or… how NOT to rebrand a restaurant.)

Chapter I
This story begins with me, a graphic designer, currently living in Tyler, TX. (And before you go judging me on design, let me say that I’m not interested in designing this blog, I just wanted something fast, free and simple so I could get this nagging off my chest.) 1,089 more words


Huge Marijuana Farm Found In East Texas

GOODRICH (AP) - Texas authorities are working to clear more than a dozen marijuana fields found in the eastern part of the state.

Chief Deputy Bryan Lyons from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office says more than 44,000 plants had been cleared as of Monday. 190 more words


Throw-Back: A Raccoon's Tale

I raised a raccoon once. His name was Leroy, Leroy Rastus. Raised him from a cub I did.

His eyes were recently newly opened and I fed him from a baby bottle. 2,743 more words


Google pinned in Texas patent swamp by Rockstar, the Apple-backed troll

The Supreme Court may have laid down the law on silly software patents, but its words don’t mean much down in East Texas, where a federal judge just blessed a patent troll’s controversial campaign to attack a range of devices that use Google’s Android(s GOOG) operating system. 457 more words


Open window. It's enough.

A friend. Window rolled down. Big sky.

Sometimes it’s enough.

Down roads past places like Buffalo Creek and Dennison Springs. Over by Keechi. Past Mt. Alba, Tennessee Colony, Grapeland, and Long Lake, to Palestine. 705 more words