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Team 2 report summary

Team 2′s visit in June was littered with challenges. An erupting volcano threw travel plans into disarray, a missed turn in the road meant an unplanned trip into Railaco, and  broken compressors and dodgy repairs limited both the work done in the first week as well as the team’s movements. 48 more words

A Harsh Media Law Threatens East Timor's Budding Democracy

Journalists and human rights activists are urging the President of East Timor to scrap a bill deemed a serious threat to press freedom, warning that the nascent democracy could be heading toward renewed authoritarianism. 475 more words

TEAM 3 to test drive NEW TROOPIE!

The program has had a stroke of luck – we have managed to procure a 2011 Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier which is already in TL!! Previously owned by another NGO, Seeds of Life, the ‘new’ troopie (T2) has been paid for (thanks to a loan from our Lions partners), registered and insured – a process which has taken 2 months – just in the nick of time for Team 3 to test drive it when they arrive next week! 189 more words


After another successful trip, Team 2 has returned unscathed to Oz, despite flight delays due to the Indonesian volcanic eruption, getting lost in Liquiça, and operational problems caused by a malfunctioning compressor – now on its last legs after a bush repair in Dili.

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"Am I ready to be called a fascist dictator?"

Allan Nairn, an American investigative journalist having covered atrocities made by US-supported regimes in East Timor, Guatemala, Haiti, and Indonesia, released his 2001 interview with Prabowo Subianto, former chief of Indonesia’s special forces (Kopassus) implicated in numerous human rights abuses, and also currently a presidential candidate, as the world’s third largest democracy is coming increasingly near to the election scheduled on July. 1,050 more words

Indonesia Luar Dalem

What Works: Success Factors from the East Timor Roofing Project

What started as just another Rotary project in the year 2000 to manufacture and install corrugated roofs for homes in East Timor, has become an amazing success story.  732 more words